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An Irrefutable Tweeting

@gaolus: “Black Sheriff Says if Black Lives Mattered They’d Protest at Abortion Clinics”   —  http://t.co/D1ED3T1k5j

The @NFL Cares Nothing About Women, Its Bogus Ad Campaign Notwithstanding

Florida State’s Jameis Winston has been selected as the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Seminoles quarterback threw for 65 touchdowns in two seasons. He won the Heisman Trophy in 2013, when he threw for 4,057 yards and 40 touchdowns and led Florida State to the national championship.  Earlier this month former Florida State student Erica Kinsman filed a lawsuit against Winston, alleging sexual battery. He has said the sex was consensual. Winston was not arrested in the 2012 incident, and a school panel ruled he did not violate the student conduct code.

So says CNN.  Meanwhile, the NFL just said “No More” to decency, joining Florida State University in its manifestation of total depravity.

I Bet Satan Loves Methodist and Episcopal Churches Though…

Oh Man, I’m SUPER Depressed Now…

I’m only 54 but according to ‘How Old Do I Look?‘ they have me at 61….  I need a nap.  Stupid internet.  Why Oh why did I look…


Quote of the Year

melanchEa fides est vere iusticia coram Deo. Ea fides placat iram Dei. Nulla nostra opera placare possunt. — Philipp Melanchthon

#ICYMI: An Interview with James Tabor

It appeared years ago- when James Tabor’s book on Jesus first came out.  It’s Brandon Wason’s interview and you’ll want to read it if only because it is historically interesting.  Enjoy.

Warning: If You Are Easily Offended…

And/ or have no sense of humor (though I’ve discovered that people who have no sense of humor are generally quite easily offended) then you will want to avoid ye ole blog at midnight.  That’s when the #MaeDay2015 (not #MaeDae2015) will go live.

You’ve been warned.  If you have any complaints you’ll just have to keep them to yourselves.  Because you’ve been warned.  You can return tomorrow morning around 9 when, I’m sure, there will be other posts for your enjoyment (though obviously not of the humorous sort).


The Present Academic Distress… An Observation

All of the hand wringing and fearful introspection among some academics and institutions of higher learning is just a flash in the pan.  Academia isn’t doomed.  Schools across the land aren’t going to crash and close.  Instead, as soon as the still-cleaving-to-the-teat millenials (the precious things, dangling from society’s bosom like undetachable leeches sucking out every drop of monetary milk their ceaselessly moving lips and guzzling gullets can drain) have to grow up (when their parents are dead in a few years), a new generation of students will come on the scene that realizes the world is about more than itself and education will return to being about learning instead of endless pandering to the grovelling and sniveling wants and needs of the worst generation.  Libraries and learning will return and replace activity pits and coffee clutches.  And all the PhD’s who can’t find jobs now will reap the benefits of a return to sanity and sensibility.  Once, that is, the worst generation grows up, and forgets the word it loves so dearly: ‘Me’.



Still More on the Ongoing Debate About the Old Testament Among German Christians

Evangelische Theologen streiten über den Status des Alten Testaments im Christentum.  So Sonntagsblatt.

In seinem Jahrbuchbeitrag »Die Kirche und das Alte Testament« erörtert der aus Bayern stammende evangelische Theologieprofessor Notger Slenczka die Frage, welchen Rang das Alte Testament für die christliche Kirche hat. Dabei stimmt Slenczka dem Befund des renommierten Kirchenhistorikers Adolf Harnack (1851-1930) zu, wonach das Alte Testament theologisch dem Status der sogenannten Apokryphen zuzurechnen sei. Also jenen jüdischen Texten wie etwa den Makkabäerbüchern oder dem Buch Tobit, die nicht dem biblischen Kanon und damit den heiligen Schriften zugeordnet werden.  Denn das Alte Testament sei kein Zeugnis des Gottesverhältnisses, sondern Dokument »einer ethnisch gebundenen Stammesreligion« mit partikularem Anspruch, argumentiert Slenczka, der an der Humboldt-Universität Berlin lehrt.

Thank you for the update, Mr Marcion. On the other side of the debate, wiser heads observe

Auch der emeritierte Professor Martin Stöhr, einer der Wegbereiter des christlich-jüdischen Gesprächs, fährt schweres Geschütz auf. Der angesehene Theologe wirft Slenczka »Verrat an der Bibel« vor. Ein Christentum ohne Altes Testament sei ein »Baum ohne Wurzel«, schreibt Stöhr in einem Beitrag für die epd-dokumentation 18/2015, der Martin Luthers Haltung zu den Juden als Thema hat.

Which really does nicely summarize the whole problem with Slenczka’s notions. But even more pointedly-

Die Zugehörigkeit des Alten Testaments zur Bibel dürfe nicht infrage gestellt werden, sagte der Bischof der Evangelischen Kirche Berlin-Brandenburg-schlesische Oberlausitz (EKBO), Markus Dröge. Dröge zufolge ist es nötig, sich klar von Slenczkas These zu distanzieren. Die tiefe Verwurzelung im jüdischen Glauben habe schon immer zum christlichen Glauben gehört: »Das Alte Testament war die Bibel Jesu.« Slenczkas These widerspreche dem Bekenntnis der evangelischen Kirche und schere aus der anerkannten Lehrtradition aus.

Read the entire essay. Once again, those who understand the Scriptures as a whole have the advantage of theological precedent on their side.

The Annual Meeting of the Catholic Biblical Association, 2015…

Is in New Orleans.  I’m attending. I need to fly down. Consequently, you need to pick up a copy of THE commentary. Or i’ll have to walk down. My feet will become bloody stumps. My ankles will become coyote food. I’ll catch the flu. I’ll be captured by the people from Deliverance. My life will end in a dreadful and horrific way. A tribe of homeschoolers will get me. Gay marriage activists will hunt me down. The whole world will turn into Münster.

In order for all that to be avoided, buy the commentary: https://zwingliusredivivus.wordpress.com/my-commentary/

After a Brief Outage…

Huldrych Zwingli Werke: Digitale Texte is back up. It was down, I’m sure you’re aware, for a few days but it has been fully restored. Fortunately I have Zwingli’s works in my loving possession so I didn’t suffer a panic attack. And now your panic is relieved too.


You May Not Know This About John Calvin, But He Was Ripped

A recently discovered photograph shows the Reformer post workout and modeling a line of clothing and tattoos which were named after him:

ckvia Tom ‘The Papist’ Bolin

More on the Current Debate in Germany on the Value of the Old Testament

Resolution adopted by the General Assembly of the Reformed Alliance in Germany
April 25th, 2015 in Villigst

„We believe and confess the canonical Scriptures of the holy prophets and apostles of both Testaments to be the true Word of God, and to have sufficient authority of themselves, not of men. For God himself spoke to the fathers, prophets, apostles, and still speaks to us through the Holy Scriptures.

And in this Holy Scripture, the universal Church of Christ has the most complete exposition of all that pertains to a saving faith, and also to the framing of a life acceptable to God; and in this respect it is expressly commanded by God that nothing be either added to or taken from the same.” (Second Helvetic Confession 1566, chapter 1).

Etc. With thanks to Margit Ernst-Habib, who writes.- The German Reformed Alliance gathered last week and issued a statement on “the permanent value of the Old Testament as an essential part of the Christian Canon”.

Hans Wildberger (1910–1986)

9783290177928Frank Jehle is at it again- writing a biography- previously of Emil Brunner – and now of the Alttestamentler, Hans Wildberger!

Hans Wildberger war Professor für alttestamentliche Wissenschaft und allgemeine Religionsgeschichte an der Universität Zürich. International bekannt wurde er durch seinen monumentalen Jesajakommentar, der zwischen 1965 und 1982 erschien. Frank Jehle erzählt von Leben und Wirken Hans Wildbergers, seiner Herkunft als Bauernsohn aus Neunkirch (SH) bis hin zu seinem Tod in Zürich. Bemerkenswert ist seine Zeit im Gemeindepfarramt (1933–1951) – seine Predigten sind Zeitdokumente ersten Ranges.

Die Biographie ist die erste, für die Wildbergers Nachlass aufgearbeitet wurde, und zeichnet sich durch eine Konzentration auf das Theologische aus. Von besonderem Interesse ist etwa Wildbergers Werdegang als Schüler Karl Barths, Rudolf Bultmanns und Emil Brunners sowie seine Beschäftigung mit nichtchristlichen Religionen.

TVZ just keeps setting the bar higher with a plethora of important works.

Little Luther Has Arrived From Saxony For a Visit

It’s very exciting.  Watch for the adventures of little Luther on Instagram.

Keith Whitelam: A Guest Post

Today’s Independent reports on David Cameron’s interview with the Jewish Chronicle in which he defended Israel’s destruction of Gaza and its population. He is reported as saying that, “I feel very strongly that this equivalence that some times people try to draw when these attacks take place is completely wrong and unfair. Because Israel is trying to defend itself against indiscriminate attacks, while trying to stop the attackers — and there is such a difference between that and the nature of the indiscriminate attacks that Israel receives.”

Too right there is such a difference between ineffective rockets and ‘sophisticated’ weapons and the fire power of Israel. Cameron, at least, is correct in suggesting that there is no equivalence. He also acknowledges by implication that Israel’s attacks were not indiscriminate but carefully targeted to kill civilians, including hundreds of children. I am sure that the parents and families of these children will be comforted by his words: “Obviously we regret the loss of life wherever it takes place.”

It is beyond belief that Cameron in order to try to gain votes from one particular part of the electorate is willing to try to justify the unjustifiable. The targeting and killing of children playing football on a beach or sheltering in UN compounds and schools cannot be justified by such a trite comment. He should be ashamed of himself.

Keith Whitelam

Reorganized Sidebar

The Sidebar was getting a bit cluttered, so I’ve arranged segments into individual pages.  If you’ll take note of the right side of the page you’ll see that each portion is accessible via a single simple click.

So if you’re looking for Reformation Texts, for example, just click that page link and they’re all there.

Melanchthon’s Garden

Great news for the historically inclined-

88.700 Euro erhält die Stiftung Luthergedenkstätten in Sachsen-Anhalt für den Abschluss der Neugestaltung des Gartens am Melanchthonhaus Wittenberg. Das Geld stammt aus dem Bundesförderprogramm „Investitionen für nationale Kultureinrichtungen in Ostdeutschland“. Insgesamt stellt Kulturstaatsministerin Monika Grütters in diesem Jahr 1,25 Millionen Euro für bedeutende Kultureinrichtungen in Sachsen-Anhalt zur Verfügung.

Wie Florian Trott, Sprecher der Stiftung Luthergedenkstätten, gegenüber der MZ betont, werden die 88 700 Euro in den zweiten Bauabschnitt in Melanchthons Garten fließen. Etwa seien im Hinblick auf die Säuberung des umgebenden Mauerwerks noch „Restarbeiten“ notwendig. Längst angelegt sind hingegen Wege zwischen den Bäumen und auch Fundamente für „Hochbeete“ wurden bereits gegossen. (mz/cni)

Here’s to keeping the past alive.

Archbishop Fitzgerald: Scholar of Islam

A neat story from NPR this morning which you’ll wish to hear.

As a 12-year-old Catholic boy growing up in England, Michael Fitzgerald decided he wanted to be a missionary in Africa. Eight years later, he was studying theology and learning Arabic in Tunisia.

He went on to devote his priestly ministry to the promotion of interfaith understanding between Muslims and Christians, and became one of the top Roman Catholic experts on Islam. He has served as the archbishop of Tunisia, the papal nuncio — effectively a Vatican ambassador — in Cairo, and the Vatican’s delegate to the Arab League.

For years, Fitzgerald has been urging his fellow Christians to acquaint themselves with Islam and its holy book, the Quran. It has been a challenging mission at a time when many non-Muslims associate Islam with violence and when many Muslims think the West has declared war on their faith.

I’d like to take his course.