Bruce Jenner isn’t a ‘Hero’ or a ‘Trailblazer’

Bruce Jenner is a marketer.  He has a new book coming out about his ‘transition’ and he has, with the aid of ABC (a Disney Company), managed to get a lot of people to think him some sort of role model.  But exactly how is he that?

Is he the first transgendered person?  Nope.  Is he the first to take hormones?  Nope.  Is he the first to experience what he calls ‘confusion’ concerning his sexuality?  Nope.

It’s funny how a book deal can make the entertainment industry (ABC/ Disney) nearly wee itself in gleeful joy as it envisions the millions of dollars it can earn.  It would be very, very interesting to see if there’s any connection between the book’s publisher and the Disney corporation.  Because what says pimping a book on tv before it’s even in print quite like Disney?


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