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True Words


If You Want to Learn Something about Bultmann, Read Bultmann

But if you want to UNDERSTAND Bultmann, read Congdon.  And now, you can sample his game-changing book-

Excerpt from Chapter 1

“For two generations theology has ‘gone around’ Bultmann rather than through him. This evasion has led either to scholarly retreats into the false securities of the old historicism or to circling the wagons of Christian traditionalism. In this brilliant book worthy of its subject, a voice from the youngest theological generation now presents a fresh understanding of Bultmann’s daring missional program. David Congdon urges the church to look outward and forward by interpreting the news of Jesus Christ on the shifting frontiers of an emerging world.”  James F. Kay

#MaeDay2015 is Just Around the Corner…

And if I disappear, you may need to ask Maegan where she’s buried my lifeless body:


Jeff Carter is the photo-shopper


CNN is reporting

The death toll from today’s earthquake in Nepal has increased to 1,457, according to Nepal’s National Emergency Operation Center.

Horrific.  But at least America’s media will not focus on this as much as it will Bruce Jenner…  Because if you know too much about real suffering and misery, you might not care about Jenner’s ‘trials and tribulations…’