Twitter Theology That Makes Me Sigh: Politicking Parsons

Dear Parson,

It isn’t your job to tell people for whom they should vote.  You are not a part of the government, you are, by the very definition of your office, an opponent of politics and a declarer of the Word of God.   The moment, the very second that you take sides in any election you forfeit your office.  You aren’t a politician’s cheerleader.  If you are, you aren’t a Pastor.  If you ‘preach the Constitution’ you invalidate your calling as a spokesperson for God.  You weren’t called to get Mr. or Mrs. Whoever elected.  Or not elected.

Reporters and editorialists and the like can tell you who they think they should vote for all day and night.  You, however, are not permitted.


A Bible Mystery Solved: Why Was Jezebel so Wicked?

After years of scouring internet forums and chat rooms and BAR issues and wikipedia and NBC and TBN I think I’ve discovered the real reason that Jezebel was so evil:


I’m looking for a backer to pay for me to produce a tv Bible special.  It will be great and will be called ‘The Secret Mysterious Evidence of Bible Women and Why They’re So Evil and Wicked’.  To air on the Discovery Channel, NatGeo, and of course CNN.

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Oh My


A woman was dangling her 2-year-old son over a railing at the Cleveland zoo when he fell about 10 feet into a cheetah exhibit, zoo officials said.   Several eyewitnesses saw the woman holding the child over the railing, Kuhar said in a statement. “While this incident is disturbing to everyone, we are glad injuries were not any more severe,” he said. Cleveland Metroparks plans to seek child endangerment charges against the mother on Monday, he said.

Oh my.  What are people thinking?  Or rather, why aren’t people thinking?

If You’re The Praying Sort…

Remember, if you would, the Greek Orthodox community of Knoxville.  Their beautiful, beautiful Sanctuary has been destroyed by a terrible fire this morning.  We’ve visited many times over the year and it really is a most extraordinary place.

knoxville-fire-hitvia WATE 6


Game, Worship, Second Half

First, Chelsea.  Then, Worship.  Finally, the second half of the Manchester Derby (because they start at 11 and not even the Derby is better than worship).  It’s a game day sandwich filled with a perfect center.

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