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Craving Bible Knowledge?

If you are, don’t watch NBC’s #AD.  the only thing you’ll see is misinformation and distortion.

Twitter Theology That Makes Me Sigh


Do tell, where exactly in the Bible God tells us to teach our daughters to be homemakers?  And apparently Deborah didn’t get the memo and neither did Huldah.  No, the Bible can’t be used to subjugate our daughters to a patriarchal control of their every moment.  And, whilst I could hardly be called a feminist by anyone with a drop of sense, I will say that teaching our daughters to be homemakers and nothing more is abuse, abusive, and un-Christian.

Law and Gospel

sm-kunst-gemaelde; Gemaelde, MasterLucas Cranach


It’s Friday, So It’s Time For Me To Remind You…

That my entire commentary series in pdf can be acquired. And the procedure is simple:


1- Drop me an email at jwest@highland.net telling me you’d like it.
2- Paypal the cost of the volumes.
3- I will then send them to you without delay.
4- When Samuel and Kings are done, the pdfs will be sent to all who have obtained the series.

Mind you, I’m not a marketer and I know nothing about business or the business of selling things. I’ve never been in biblical studies for the money and I’m not aiming to make a fortune with the complete series in pdf.

But, that said, all the hours put into these volumes are worth something, so I’m selling the lot for $199. That’s authentically inexpensive considering the thousands of pages written.

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The Emergent ‘Church’ at Worship


Pope Francis Refuses to Receive A Gay Ambassador

Uh oh… this will make the ‘Pope Francis is all cool and modern and just like us – i.e., pretty much just Catholics when Convenient’ gang pretty unhappy:

Pope Francis’ reputation as liberal takes a knock over reports that he rejected the nomination of a new French ambassador to the Vatican on the grounds that he was a homosexual.

Pope Francis has reportedly barred the nomination of a close aide of President Francois Hollande as new French ambassador to the Vatican because he is gay.  The apparent rejection calls into question the pope’s reputation as holding more liberal views on homosexuality. Laurent Stefanini, 54, a senior diplomat and Mr Hollande’s chief of protocol, was nominated in early January but the Vatican has maintained a stony silence over whether it accepts his credentials, officials in Paris said.

The usual time frame for their acceptance is a month and a half. After that, a prolonged silence after a nomination is normally interpreted as a rejection.

Uh oh… he’s not going to win the GLAAD Award this year.

That’s Not Good: An Update on Luther in Atlanta

Last year I wrote

Further information on the upcoming exhibition in Atlanta and elsewhere can be found here. Including the approximate dates as well as the location.  In Atlanta the exhibit will be at the Jimmy Carter Library. I can hardly wait.

Today I followed up to see if the Carter Library had dates set.  I received this distressing reply:

Dear Mr. West,

As it is right now, I’m afraid that we will not be the venue for the Martin Luther exhibition.  However, the Morgan Library in New York and the Minnesota Institute of Arts in Minneapolis will be the sites for simultaneous exhibitions, along with another as yet unknown location.  
Sylvia Mansour Naguib
Museum Curator
Jimmy Carter Library

Why Watch Baby Pandas on Zoo Cam When You Can Watch …

The progress being made in the construction of The Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC.


It’s A Good Question, Isn’t It…

Do you not blush to think that worldlings are more busy and laborious about the low things, the rattles and trifles of this life, than you are about the high affairs of God and your soul, the noble and serious concernments of eternity? — GEORGE SWINNOCK

Internet Porn Is Destroying People- Quite Literally

The Sunday Times has a story that needs to be shared.  Even if it’s the tiny bit before you hit the paywall because it makes the point- porn destroys people.  It ruins lives.  It ruins families.  It ruins everything it touches.

The Church needs to stop being so shy about denouncing this filth.  Not simply because it’s immoral, but because it is destructive.  It ‘personifies’ the fact that ‘the wages of sin is death’.

Parents need to be monitoring their teen’s online life.  They need to be engaged and involved.  They need to protect their children before those children are robbed of their decency, respect for others, and respect for themselves.

Adult materials are too easily accessible and as far as I am concerned, regardless of what the Courts say, not free speech but perversion and perverse-ification.

So, parents, if the Courts won’t act to protect your children, then you must.  And you must start by being an example yourselves and refraining from the cheapening of intimacy portrayed by adult materials.  Sex is more than simply an act; it is the giving of oneself to another in the most serious form.  That’s why marriage is the only proper venue for its expression.

Young people are left too often to drift through the murky waters of their growing self understanding by parents too busy to notice that their curiosity will get them in serious trouble if not guided.

Of course I realize saying all of these things will eventually be little more than water off a duck’s back.  But 1) that doesn’t relieve me of my responsibility to say something aimed to spare our children misery and discontent and death; and 2) I care too much to keep quiet.  So I won’t.  even if it, as the old folk say, hairlips the Devil.

Quote of the Day

Thomas-BostonEvery natural man’s heart and life is a mass of darkness, disorder, and confusion, however refined he may appear in the sight of men.… The unrenewed part of mankind is rambling through the world, like so many blind men, who will neither take a guide, nor can guide themselves; and therefore are falling over this and the other precipice, into destruction. — THOMAS BOSTON

Wrapping It Up

2zwingli_writing1.jpgOver three days in April of 1522 Zwingli and the other Pastors of Zurich set about convincing the City of the need and path of reform. The ‘Acta’ of these discussions were later published and can be read in Zwingli’s works here.

The format of the publication is actually a letter to the Bishop of Constance, and it commences

Acta Tiguri 7. 8. 9. diebus aprilis per reverendissimum dominum Constantiensem, legatis Melchiore suffraganeo, Joanne Vannio (quem tamen invitum scimus negotio interfuisse) et N. Brendlyn cum Huldericho Zuinglio Tigurinorum euangelista coram sacerdotum senatorumque ordine. Zuinglius ad Erasmum Fabricium.

zwingli_1513_22.jpgIn it, Zwingli offers 15 points of discussion. To wit:

  • 1. quosdam doctrinas novas irritabiles ac seditiosas docere, Germanice widerwertig und ufrürig leeren. Nempe nihil praeceptionum humanarum servari oportere, nihil ceremoniarum.
  • 2. Quae doctrina si vicerit, futurum, ut non modo civiles leges, sed et Christiana fides aboleatur.
  • 3. Cum tamen ceremoniae sint veluti manuductio (hoc enim verbo uti illi placuit etiam apud eos, qui ignorarent Latine, quod nimium Germanica vox, ein inleitung, ei vel parum firma videretur, vel minus elegans) ad virtutes.
  • 4. Immo virtutum fontem esse, ein ursprung, (quod verbum tamen postea fuit coram tot arbitris ausus negare) ceremonias.
  • 5. Quadragesimam item doceri non servari oportere; in hac enim urbe ausos esse quosdam sese a reliquis Christianis separare et a Christiana ecclesia (quod etiam verbum postea tam impudenter quam pervicaciter negavit. Testabatur D. Brendlin non dixisse id verbi, cum totus senatus etiam hodie testetur. Tam putant sibi quicquid libuerit licere, temere dicere et temere negare quod dixerint, eodem fere momento),
  • 6. carnes enim eos in quadragesima edisse non sine totius reipublice Christianę scandalo.
  • carter_zwingli7. Quod tametsi literę evangelice aperte non permittant, audere tamen eosdem asserere ex euangelicis ac apostolicis scriptis, sibi licere.
  • 8. Contra sanctorum patrum decreta et concilia,
  • 9. contra denique vetustissimum morem eos fecisse, quem, nisi ex spiritu sancto fluxisset, tanto tempore servare nunquam potuissemus. Gamalielem enim in actibus apostolorum dixisse [Act. 5. 34-42]: Sinite illos, nam si hoc opus est ex deo etc.
  • 10. Hortatus est inde senatum, ut cum et in ecclesia maneant, nam extra illam neminem salvari.
  • 11. Ea enim, quę tam perverse docerentur, sine fundamento doceri. Atque dum sibi non satisfecisset superius de ceremoniis locutus,
  • 12. iterum in illarum mentionem incidit, unicas esse, per quas simplices Christiani ad agnitionem salutis inducerentur, ac id ex officio plebanorum (sic enim episcopos ac euangelistas hodie adpellant personati illi episcopi, ut illorum tamen sacrosanctum sit) esse, ut simplicem plebeculam doceant, figuras quasdam esse et significare quędam, quae et revelata et exposita per eos oporteat, quid signent, quid possint.
  • 13. De scandalo tandem post superiorem catastrophen Joannes disserere coepit, non, ut vere dicam, inerudite, modo feliciter recitasset, tam quae contra se quam quae pro se erant. Adiunxit scandalum vitari praecipi a Christo tam minaciter quam quicquam: Vę enim adiici, indignationis notam apertissimam, vę mundo a scandalis. Ad Paulum quoque rediens ex cuius epistolis antea, quam de vę dissereret, non pauca produxerat, testatus est illum, ne offenderet Iudaeos, Timotheum circumcidi passum esse [Act. 16. 3].
  • 14. Et quod inter prima ista de seditiosis doctrinis dici oportebat, post omnia adpendit, neminem fidere suo capiti oportere,
  • 15. nam et Paulum noluisse suo sensui inniti, sed venisse Hierosolymam, ut euangelium conferret cum apostolis etc. Post vero dictorum omnium pulcherimum [!] epilogum surrexit cum suis abiturus, quem sic cum illis adfatus sum.

zwingli_study3The purpose of the listing is to show the Bishop that things have gotten so bad in the Church that the common people are ‘scandalized’ and corrections need to be made before the populace loses faith completely in the Church’s leaders.

At heart, then, as the Reformation in Zurich unfolded, it was centered on a desire to bring the Church into line with the Gospel. Everything Zwingli and the others did was an attempt to do this. At the start, the Reformers (including Luther, by the way), thought the Church hierarchy would be as concerned as they were. They turned out to be wrong about that, so they had to go about taking matters into their own hands. ‘If you won’t do it, I will’.

Had the Church hierarchy agreed with the need for Reform, we would all be Catholics still.

Quote of the Day

Anything that has to be protected from being laughed at, deserves to be. — Albert Jay Nock

God, Religion and Politics Conference: Election 2015 – a brief summary

It looks like it was a great gathering.