Good Grief… The Pastor Who Has Taken His ‘Sermon Inspiration’ From CNN’s ‘Finding Jesus’

Seriously… it’s a pretty good series but ‘inspiration for sermons’???  Seriously?  Has the Reverend Pastor never opened a Bible?

Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery,” a six-part series, explores mysteries of the Bible by investigating science and archaeology in a bid to dispel myths and reaffirm facts about Christianity. During episode two, the documentary explored the identity of John the Baptist and his possible remains which set the basis for a recent sermon led by Toronto’s Willowdale Pentecostal Church Senior Pastor Dan Disabatino.

“It’s given us a format to follow and it’s given us something to try to engage our congregation,” Disabatino said of the popular series. “It’s very well done and we’re very impressed with the quality. … [So far] we’ve done two sermons over two Sundays.”

It’s given him a format to follow… and something to engage… oh forget it.  How absurd.  It reminds me of the ‘Pastor’ of a Presbyterian Church I visited once while on vacation who drew his ‘sermon’ from the Reader’s Digest (no kidding, his text was a ‘reading’ from RD).  If Scripture isn’t sufficient to engage your congregation, you’re too boring to be a preacher.  And if you have to find inspiration for sermons on the tv, you’re too ignorant of the Bible to be a preacher.  Get thee behind me, Satan.

2 thoughts on “Good Grief… The Pastor Who Has Taken His ‘Sermon Inspiration’ From CNN’s ‘Finding Jesus’

  1. Thats exactly one of the reasons I’m against films of this quality appearing in the media as well as colleagues supporting such low quality, films. It’s now just sermons who will quote from this but students as well. The price we pay for putting the persona before the profession.


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