Writers for Britain’s ‘The Guardian’ Are Smarter Than 47 American Republican Senators

Sending a letter to Iranian leadership warning them that conservatives will try to kill any deal Obama negotiates may not have had the effect Tom Cotton and colleagues wanted.

In an eyebrow-raising missive to “the Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran”, 47 Republican Senators, led by Arkansas’s Tom Cotton, ostensibly gave the Iranians a lesson in America’s constitutional system – though, despite Cotton’s Harvard training as a lawyer, they got some details wrong.

The real purpose of the letter, however, wasn’t education – the Iranians, by all accounts, understand our system damned well – but a threat. The Senate Republicans warned the Iranians that they will do whatever they can to kill a deal with the Iranians, even after it’s already been signed. The letter’s notion that a deal could be reversed by the next president means that not only will they try to kill one now, they will keep doing everything to kill it for years to come.

The accusations that the letter-signers committed “treason”, as the New York Daily News put it, or that the letter is a criminal violation of the constitutionally dubious Logan Act are a bit much. The Republican move is inappropriate, clownish and, above all, dangerous, but no one should go to prison for signing on.

The letter is also evasive and, by extension, so are its signatories. What they and their allies really want is a war. The deal they purport to want – Cotton told MSNBC he wants “complete nuclear disarmament,” though Iran has no nuclear arms – is impossible to achieve. Cotton, for his part, knows this: he has said that his aim is to thwart any agreement whatsoever.

If no deal is reached, what does the Senate GOP think will happen? Peace on earth and goodwill to men? Iran will continue to build up its nuclear program, and the world will eventually face a stark choice between Iran being a screwdriver’s turn away from a nuclear bomb, or using its own traditional bombs in Iran and starting a disastrous war.

Etc. Read the whole. It demonstrates one thing, nay two. First, the writer has more insight into international affairs than our elected representatives; and second, he also knows the Constitution better than they do.

What kind of idiots do we keep electing, and why? We deserve whatever misery we get. We really do. Because we bring it on ourselves every time we vote for these people.

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