23 February 1813 Birth of Franz Delitzsch, Christian Hebraist, translator of the New Testament, and supporter of Messianic Judaism #otdimjh

Well how nifty. The anniversary of his birth, that is.

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History


Franz Delitzsch (Leipzig, February 23, 1813 – Leipzig, March 4, 1890) was a German Lutheran theologian and Hebraist. Born in Leipzig, he held the professorship of theology at the University of Rostock from 1846 to 1850, at the University of Erlangen until 1867, and after that at the University of Leipzig until his death. Delitzsch wrote many commentaries on books of the Bible, Jewish antiquities, Biblical psychology, a history of Jewish poetry, and Christian apologetics.


He defended the Jewish community against anti-Judaic attacks and translated the New Testament into Hebrew. In 1880 he established the Institutum Judaicum in Leipzig for the training of missionary workers among Jews.


Today, Delitzsch is best known for his translation of the New Testament into Hebrew. In 1873 the British and Foreign Bible Society commissioned Franz Delitzsch to prepare a translation of the New Testament into Hebrew. Delitzsch agreed and set to work utilizing his…

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