Genesis in BHQ

The Genesis fascicle is expected to be published in the Summer or Fall of 2015, according to the editor in Chief, Adrian Schenker.  This is great news for all of us appreciative of this impressive undertaking.  Eisenbrauns is distributing them in North America.  And yes, you can create a standing order so as to receive volumes as they appear.

BHQDEUTEROn the initiative of the United Bible Societies, and with the sponsorship of the German Bible Society which has special responsibility for the publication of scientific editions, the first fascicles of a new editon of Biblia Hebraica are now reaching publication.

The first installment of the complete edition will be Part 18 and will contain the General Introduction and the Megilloth. Other fasciciles are in preparation by an international and interconfessional team of scholars. The complete edition should be complete by 2010.

This is a manual edtion (editio minor), in the Biblia Hebraica tradtion, produced for serious students of the Hebrew Bbile. It aims to provide them with a clear presentation of the surviving evidence of the text’s transmission that is relevant for translation and exegesis.

Eisenbrauns will treat any orders placed for BHQ (the successor to BHS) as orders for the fascicles; it is unlikely that the complete edition will be published as a bound volume for a number of years.

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