More on the Adventist ‘Pastor’ turned Angry Atheist Ryan Bell

As previously reported, Ryan Bell, 43, led Hollywood Adventist Church until March of last year, when has was asked to resign over his increasingly liberal views and his disagreements with Adventist theology. Bell says that he expressed support for female ordination and the inclusion of homosexuals, and took issue with the literal six-day creation outlined in Genesis.

He told reporters in January that his forced resignation partially fueled his decision to experiment with atheism this year.

“Not being a pastor for nine months has given me the freedom to not have to believe in something for other people’s sake,” he explained to Religion News Service.

So, like so many angry atheists, the real story is that he didn’t get his way; he couldn’t persuade God to accept his viewpoint, so he has decided there can’t be a God.

The hubris of angry atheism is stunning.  The very fact that they judge God on the basis of frail ignorance and then the god they create in their own minds is cast aside as unworthy is the height, the very pinnacle, of stupidity.

Bell also wrote in a recent blog post that since stepping down from his position, “I haven’t attended church consistently; I struggle to relate to church people, preferring the company of skeptics and non-church-goers. I haven’t prayed much and, without sermons to write on a regular basis, I haven’t studied, or even really read, the Bible.”

He probably never did.  Oh I’m sure he read into it.  But he never read it.

2 thoughts on “More on the Adventist ‘Pastor’ turned Angry Atheist Ryan Bell

  1. Jim, this guy Bell isn’t an angry atheist. If a person takes a little time to review more of his journey, it’s clear that he is not comfortable in what he calls “certainties” of atheism, even while he confesses not to believe in God (NPR interview). He’s just not that caricature.

    IMO, you’re lumping him too quickly with some of the other pastors who have rightly compromised reputations lately.


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