Do You Hate Yourself? Do You? Do You Like to Watch Your Own Brain Die?

If you do, you will want to watch this

Science Channel, the network that dares to question everything, explores the science behind the faith in a four-part special event BIBLICAL CONSPIRACIES.  The greatest archeological finds and some of the most beloved icons of the Judeo-Christian religions are examined and age-old secrets explored. Could two twisted nails found in the tomb of the man who sent Jesus to the cross be the very same from the True Cross? Does a recently translated 6th century manuscript tell the true story of Jesus’ marriage to Mary Magdalene?   And could a forgotten sculpture made by Michelangelo bring to light strange and long-buried religious practices from the time of Christ? With the aid of cutting edge technology, we return to the crumbling tombs, palaces and ruins of the Holy Land, in search of ancient conspiracies hidden away for two thousand years and Science Channel will take us through all the ground-breaking mysteries behind the myths.  Biblical Conspiracies premieres with a four-part special on Science Channel on Sunday, December 14 beginning at 9PM ET/PT and Monday, December 15 at 8PM ET/PT.

But only if you do.  Hate yourself that is.  Thankfully I don’t.  Plus I’ve taken a vow not to watch any Bible themed seasonal special this year.  They’re just too stupid.  Even when they manage a sensible talking head, they’re stupid.  And wrong.  But stupid is wrong and wrong is stupid.

Enjoy… self-loathers. And, ‘Science’ channel my …

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