The November Carnival: The SBL Annual Meeting Edition #SBLaar14, With a Twitter Twist

This month’s Carnival is a bit different than all the rest.  This month, it’s the ‘best tweet of the day’ that’s featured.  This way, the days and weeks leading up to, and including SBL, readers will be treated to a summary of the best, most informative, funniest tweets of the month.  There’s sure to be something to please everyone.  Or no one.  Enjoy!  Oh, and you may even discover someone fun or interesting or, that rarest of beasts, both, to follow.

12[NB- the tweets are in italics and my comments are in normal font- just so you can separate the chaff from the wheat].

1– ‏@NyashaJunior – Are you looking forward to seeing your academic crush at #sblaar14?    I’m sure most people are quite interested in seeing me.  And that’s ok.

2@christilling – @wipfandstock have a nice new webpage! Look what is advertised in their scrolling banner!

113@nprnews – ‘Car Talk’ Co-Host Tom Magliozzi Dies At 77  Not – strictly speaking, a biblical studies tweet.  But I note it anyway because I really love Car Talk and the guys who do it.  May he rest in peace eternal.

4- @EmoryLibraries – Meet #Emory Library 2014-2015 Woodruff Fellow Brandon Wason  Brandon has been blogging nearly since the beginning.  For a time, we even blogged together.  Those were the days…

105@thewabashnation – Have you seen our newly designed resources website for teachers of #religion and #theology? #AARSBL #sblaar14. The Wabash Center really does some impressive things. You should know of it.

6@Libroantiguo – Witches’ lunch on the sabbath, engraving from the Compendium Maleficarum, by Francesco Maria Gouache, Milan, 1626. I love this print. It reminds me of the blogger meals that we’ve enjoyed in the past at Annual Meetings. I also like the twitter folk who post these things.

97– Nothing- Vacat – Preparations were well under way for the upcoming meeting two weeks off.

8@Plong42  – The Sheep and the Goats – Matthew 25:31-46 (Part 1)  Looking forward to part 2.

9- @candidamoss – Intersexuality and God Through the Ages   A very interesting essay by the one and only CM.

810– First, and most importantly, it was Luther’s birthday.  Second, Greg Carey eviscerated a bit of hoaxy pseudo-scholarship- @Greg_Carey on HuffPost Religion: Another Jesus and Mary Magdalene Hoax

11@JordanBallor – Richard A. Muller discusses Junius’ and Arminius’ “friendly conference” on predestination. #JIC   Jordan has done a great job of tweeting aspects of the conference on predestination- which I very much wish I could have attended.

12– One of the funniest series leading up to #SBLaar14 was put together and launched today Hilarity.

713– ‏@Dru_Johnson – The first year for “Hebrew Bible and Philosophy” at #SBLAAR14. SUNDAY; 9am & 4pm sessions. JOIN US! That session may well be of interest to various of you.

14@ReligionProf – Did Morton Smith Forge the Gospel of Philip? Fun stuff. Smith was a weirdo.

15@OfficialNotDr – RT “@MichaelPBarber: On RBL’s fine review of Hahn’s “Consuming the Word”” beneficial for academics as well! #sblaar14 It’s always nice to see a good review. Especially when it’s a good book.

16– After the fact- but again worth knowing about- @NyashaJunior — Please share! Womanist & Black Feminist Responses to Tyler Perry’s Productions #WomanistFeministTP #sblaar14

617– Now THIS is a paper that sounds like worth hearing. Of course, by the time you read this, the annual meeting will be over. But maybe Paul will send you a copy if you ask nicely: @DrPaulMiddleton — Frantically writing my #sblaar14 paper: “Satan’s Hordes and God’s Vigilantes: Mobs, Martyrs, and the Legitimation of Christian Violence.”

18@peteenns — does an inerrantist culture “do good or do harm”? Worth noticing if you hadn’t seen it.

519@emuehlbe — Eastern Great Lakes Biblical Society 2015 annual meeting (Mar 12-13) CFP. Abstracts due Jan 30. Because you can never attend too many conferences.

20@ReligionProf — Blogger Session at #SBLAAR14: The Blogger session at SBL will include two papers, offered by Kim… If you didn’t attend, check with the paper-givers and see if they’ll send you a copy.  And, though not tweeted, this is a worthy post for your perusal by Wayne Coppins.

21– SBL. Search the hashtag #sblaar14 on the twitter for tons of great stuff.

22– SBL. Search the hashtag #sblaar14 on the twitter for tons of great stuff.

423– SBL. Search the hashtag #sblaar14 on the twitter for tons of great stuff.

24– SBL. Search the hashtag #sblaar14 on the twitter for tons of great stuff.

325– Twas a travel day post SBL- so if people tweeted, I didn’t take notice of it for the Carnival.

26– Richard Goode tweeted- Dirk Jonkind: A New Testament text-critic’s experience of SBL 2014 … And this- which I suspect could be reduplicated (with different books) by everyone who went to SBL- @christilling — My SBLAAR haul #bookporn Even better, I was given quite a few of them!

227 @profjoantaylor — Oh my – the British public vote on Jesus and current politics. Hmm. Whose tables would he overturn? Oh Britain. You’re so ‘secular’… And Mark G. (brother of Ali G.) tweeted — @goodacre NT Blog: Richard Bauckham, Assessing the Lost Gospel, Part 4 .  And this has to be mentioned because the Hawarden Old Testament in the New Conference doesn’t have a web page.

28– This is a good one- @Plong42 — Gospel of John and the Synoptic Gospels

29@RickBrannan –“K.B. Stratton ed., Women and Magic in the Ancient World” … Magic and women… what could go wrong?


30- ‏@Jamesdtabor — Can the mysterious “Beloved Disciple” and the Unnamed “Comforter” be identified in John’s Gospel? … Fun times. Equally fun – @AlinSuciu1 — Lake’s “Dated Greek Minuscule Manuscripts to the Year 1200” in PDF format!

And that, as they say, is that. Coming soon, the End of the Year Carnival Bonanza Festivities!!