Dear Logos…

There are two collections which need to be published before the end of December, or I will die.  That’s right, if they aren’t out- I will be killed.  My life is literally in your hands.

First- the Dictionary of Classical Hebrew.  If it isn’t available by the end of the year, I’ll die.  I think we have established that.

And second, this one.  Listen to what Luther (yes, that Luther) had to say about it-

I am, therefore, very pleased with these … because they remain faithful to the Gospel with such succinctness, precision, and purity, and I think they would be beneficial even if they were simply read aloud, word for word, to the people. For the common man must have such a clear and succinct explanation, if he is to remember anything of the Gospel. And I would like to see … all the Epistle lessons in the same style. Then, even if the lazy pastors did not want to study or the know-it-alls wanted to demonstrate their own mastery, even so the good, upright pastors would have here a stockpile sufficient for preaching to their people from year to year. And the churches would be so fully and abundantly provided with preaching throughout the year that they would not have to complain that they had nothing preached to them, or not much. So, then, whoever is willing to listen can learn as much as he needs through what we are providing here. Whoever does not want to, let him go on scratching until his ears are raw.  May Christ our Lord be with us and with all those who belong to Him. Amen.

High praise indeed.  Thank you, Martin.

Anyway, Logos, if these two collections aren’t in the hands of the hungry public by the end of the year, it’s your fault I’m dead.  Your.  Fault.

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