Everything That’s Wrong With America In One Story

I saw this (thanks to Chip Hardy on the twitter) and was gobsmacked.

The only thing bigger than high-school football in Texas is the caricature of high-school football in Texas that persists everywhere else. And so, as the dust settles from an election that featured ballot measures to bar Sharia law in Alabama and permit the use of sugary bait to hunt bears in Maine, it should come as little surprise that voters in the southeast corner of the Lone Star State decided to splurge on a $58 million high-school football stadium.

Part of a massive $748 million bond, the new stadium in Katy, Texas, is actually a scaled-down version of a previous stadium plan. Last year, the same voters rejected a proposal in which a new stadium comprised the lion’s share ($69.5 million) of a $99 million bond. You’re not reading that wrong. A $70 million high-school football stadium. The approved, slightly more modest stadium will seat 12,000 people instead of 14,000 for about $12 million less.

And there you have it. ¬†Everything that’s wrong with America in a nutshell: 1) screwed up priorities; 2) worship of sports; and 3) Texas.

1 thought on “Everything That’s Wrong With America In One Story

  1. Yeah, that pretty stupid. My wife is a public school teacher and I can’t imagine if such a proposal came to our district. I would hope the community would be up in arms, but apparently not in Katy. Shameful.


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