Another Pseudo-Historical ‘Jesus’ Book is Coming Out This Week

It’s by a non-historian and non-biblical scholar who claims to have a 1500 year old manuscript which describes Jesus having a wife and children and even offering the children’s names.

I shan’t mention its title nor authors because I have no intention of giving the nonsense any link love.  Instead I’ll make one simple observation:

A 1500 year old text, even if authentic, is still 500 years removed from the events it purports to report.  It is not a contemporaneous report and therefore lacks any historical usefulness.  For that reason alone this document is meaningless historically.  Nothing more than a Fairy Tale.

The only sort of people who will be persuaded by this ‘bombshell’ are the Jesus mythicists and the thoroughly ignorant (which is the same thing, actually).

When, consequently, you hear news reports about a new book about Jesus- save your money.