The ‘I Can’t Believe SBL is Just Around the Corner’ Biblical Studies Carnival

This month’s Carnival is a chronological overview of the best posts of not just the month, but of each day of the month.  And they all lead up to the ginormous festival we lovingly call the SBL Annual Meeting.  It’s the glorious event we all love to attend (for different reasons).  Some go to give papers.  Fewer go to hear papers.  Most go to visit the book hall.  And all go to see friends and schmooze and do sightseeing.  Me, I go to hear papers by friends and hang out at the book hall and eat with folk.

Consequently, as an aid to building up to the climactic excitement of you getting to see me in the flesh in San Diego, here are October’s best posts, day by day-

1 – On the very first day of the month Mike Skinner posted the ‘Official’ Carnival.  I’m sure you read it but in case you haven’t, there you go.  It’s all up in your grill with a football theme because Mike is a Texan…  a Texan….

2 – News of the Hawarden OT in the NT Conference was posted here.  It’s a long running gathering of those who are interested in the relationship of OT texts to NT.  It’s on my bucket list.

3 – Some unspeakably silly soul sold to the devil of mythicism has suggested, again, that Jesus never existed.  Antonio takes him to the cleaners in this justifiably brief post.  It’s so easy for these dilettantes to get a hearing thanks to the general ignorance of the masses.  Fortunately the only people who take them seriously are those who, like them, are mentally deficient.  (And yes, you have to be mentally deficient to believe Jesus didn’t exist).   And, OK, I said one a day but you have to listen to this podcast interview by Dom Mattos with Chris Keith.  Even if you already have.

4 – No one posted anything- so here’s a quote from Jerome instead:  ‘Men invariably worship what they like best’.

hhschmid5 – Pete Enns talks about George Washington, Deist.  On the same day the IRG blog posted news of a forthcoming conference in Leuven.  It seems like the ‘one post for each day of the month’ plan is falling by the wayside.  Sadly, on the same day Hans Heinrich Schmid died.  Two notices of the sorrowful news are here.

6 – Mike Bird likes Karl Barth and suggests that no one has said something about the righteousness of God that’s better.   Psssaaahhhaawww.

7 – Pete Enns is at it again, suggesting that being disdained is something he’s not uncomfortable with.  I hope one day that I too become desensitized to the negative views of others concerning myself.

b111bd6d-d93a-4218-8358-df5a7e955fb98 – Not, strictly speaking, a blog post- but still some very useful information from Hendrickson: they’re publishing a reader’s edition of BHS.  This will be very helpful to beginning students of Hebrew and a great improvement over the only other Reader’s edition, that of Zondervan, which really is more a text assembled to support the readings of the NIV than a true Hebrew or Greek reader’s text.

9 – Phil Long reviewed a book.  By Zondervan. On Greek.

10 – Eerdman’s posted it’s ‘All Over‘ entry.  Not knowing your life, I don’t know if you keep up with Eerdman’s on their blog or twitter or facebook or somewhere else, but they have some pretty useful avenues of scholarship.    You’d benefit from taking advantage of them.

11 – This is the anniversary of Zwingli’s murder by the vile papists on the field at Kappel where our dear friend was serving as a chaplain to the Zurich troops.  In his honor, pause a moment and remember him.  It’s also James Crossley’s birthday.  I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

12 –  No one posted anything.  Except me.  I posted this.  It’s an essay by Julia Fridman that you should read about archaeology and the tendency of some to ‘cry David’ just to make the headlines.  No one else did anything.  Anywhere.  Which is really both sad and sad.  The merry band of blogging brethren and cisterns have sprouted up overnight and withered nearly as fast as Jonah’s Gourd (which, by the by, would be a great name for a biblioblog!)

baal_temple_burna13 – John had a very fine post on Jesus’ real attitude towards marriage and the views of the Pharisees- and who really is being Pharasaical when it comes to an ‘open’ view of marriage.  And Tom Bolin had an essay on the ASOR Blog.  Since Tom doesn’t blog and I like his work (and him), I’m mentioning it as today’s second entry.

14 – Antonio Lombatti pointed out the discovery of a Temple of Baal at Tel Burna.  Interesting stuff indeed.

15Shlomo Sand and Judaism.  That’s the post of the day for today.  It’s also the debate of the decade- because it asks ‘who really is a Jew, and what does it take to be one’.

The month is half over.  Here’s a little musical interlude for your listening pleasure.

16Philip Davies uploaded a paper on the last 50 years of biblical research to his page.  It’s not technically a blog post, but since it’s my carnival I’m free to include whatsoever source I wish, aren’t I?  😉   And Larry Hurtado posted a right interesting piece on theological labels.  And got blasted for it.  I have no idea why.

17 – The World of the Bible had a brief report of the reopening of a Bible themed museum.  It’s worth a look.  By the way, the World of the Bible is an excellent, excellent publication.

18 – You’ve probably heard about the General Theological Seminary firings- well these folk have a take on it that’s worth your consideration.  And Akma does too.  It’s a real shame when political maneuverings and economic manipulation takes precedence over education.  Such are the times, though, in which we live.

19 – Everyone took the day off to watch football.  Well almost everyone.  Matt posted some Markus Barth lectures.  Markus is Karl’s son.  Also occupied with something besides football was Christian Brady– who had some great thoughts on temptations and trials.

jjsswer20- If you missed this scathing critique of the SBL employment service at the annual meeting- read it now.

21 – Brian LeDoor announces that there’s a new Journal out there – The Journal of the Jesus Movement in Its Jewish Setting.  Everything is so specialized these days.  I’m looking forward to the appearance of The Journal of the Pharisees’ Attitude Towards Jesus in the Years 28-29 CE.  Indeed, every journal should now be revamped so as to cover just one year of whatever.  Like- The Journal of Biblical Literature, 1214 CE.  Etc.   The market could expand amazingly that way!

One month exactly until SBL begins!  YaY!

22– Tyndale House has been working on the STEP (Scripture Tools for Every Person) for a number of years now.  And until now, the resources have been available online only.  Until now.  Now you can download them and install them on your computer and use them even if you have not internet access.

23 – Phil Long had some thoughts on the political situation in Galilee.  Oh Galilee of the gentiles… land of the demoniacs… and swine.  And hills down which said swine run for miles and miles and miles and hurl themselves into the sea and drown even though pigs can swim.  Galilee, where the laws of nature seldom apply.  How oft I would have gathered… no wait that’s not right.  Carry on.

24 – A nifty book review of Chris Tilling’s favorite OT scholar, Walter Bruggemann’s book on the Psalms appeared penned by one Conrade Yap.  I remember with such fondness the joy Chris expressed at SBL when inspecting one of B’s books when, lo and behold, B appeared directly behind Tilling as he opined on said book.   It was – well – a life event.

25 –  Scribes and Pharisees, Pharisees and Scribes.  They weren’t all bad ya know…  They probably would have been as cool to hang out with as Mike Bird, and he’s pretty funny.  I can just see them cracking jokes and telling tall tales.

zur26 – A bit of info on biblical studies at Cambridge has appeared.

27 – Rob Bradshaw is to be thanked for posting the 2 Corinthians commentary of Plummer in pdf (it’s in the public domain).  And Matthias Konradt is the subject of this interesting post by Wayne Coppins.

28–  Eerdword commenced a new series titled ‘Rachel in Review’- and it has nothing to do with a journalist of that name who fancies herself (wrongly) a biblical scholar/ theologian.  This is a good Rachel with a good column.  Give it a read.

29Torrey Seland offered some thoughts on the new version of Logos just released.  Might I suggest you wait to get it if you want to get it if you’re attending SBL.  They always have conference discounts.  Bryan Bibb also reappeared, offering some thoughts on ‘The Voice Bible‘.  I’ve not heard of it.  I prefer my Bible pure and unadulterated by wicked translators.  Anyway, it would be hard to take seriously a Bible based on some lame NBC singing competition.  But Bryan’s post is good.

30 – Just in time for Halloween, some of the bibliobloggers got together and went out on the town.  The photos are here.  Be disturbed.  Be very disturbed.

31 – ASOR posted a neat podcast with Susan Ackerman on the state of Biblical Archaeology.

Well there you have it- this month’s best of the best from the Biblioblog Kingdom.  See you in San Diego!


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