Logos 6

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Philonica et Neotestamentica

Yesterday version 6 of Logos Bible Software was launched. After only two years with version 4,  they obviously found that it was due time to present an improved version; hnce version 6.

The bad thing about this version is that it requires at least Windows 7 as the operating system; hence I can only use it on one of my machines now. The good thing(s) might be the goodies they  have put into the program. I must admit, I had not yet gotten to know all the features of version 5; now I “have to” adapt to version 6. After some struggling to get in contact with the Logos server last night, I finally managed to get through, and I had the new version downloaded.

There are several ways of upgrading (see https://www.logos.com/ways-to-move-to-Logos-6), from just getting the new motor (you have to wait a little for that), to upgrading to some (very)…

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