Nope, No, Never Gonna Happen

We’ve evidently now become so wholly self absorbed that our churches are pandering to the worst among us and offering an opt out of community and communal worship option of pseudo prayer.

These days, we can get fast food, coffee, prescriptions and even our dry cleaning from a drive-thru. But the newest drive-thru hot spot in the Houston area requires no purchase. People are pulling over for prayer.

The first time Sandy Cepeda saw the signs on Broadway Street in Pearland, she kept on driving. But one day, she stopped. “Today, I decided to come because, truly, there’s a lot of people struggling out there, and my struggle is different from other people, but I really need the prayer,” she said. … Lopez and co-pastor Danny Quintanilla created drive-thru prayer for anyone who’s in a rush and feeling life’s stresses, but may not attend a place of worship.

They want the benefits of the community without the commitment of community or to community. They want the privileges of faith without the nastiness of commitment to faith. They want God to cater to their ‘needs’ while they merrily ignore the needs of others. This is selfishness taken to its natural (read, godless) conclusion.