They’ve Made the Song of Solomon into a Movie…

I shudder to think of what they’ve done to it.


The email advert opines

Couples and marriages are hurting. The world is bombarding them with temptation and non-biblical solutions for their relationship.

THE SONG is a music-driven love story, inspired by the life of Solomon and his writings. It’s a biblical adaption based on Ecclesiates and the Song of Solomon. A powerful telling with a central premise: Only God can truly give life meaning. We believe it is the most powerful couples film since Fireproof!

THE SONG is produced by City On A Hill Studio (makers of Not A Fan, Gods At War and AHA!) whose ministry work is used by over 15,000 churches. They have also created a full line of church resources (small group study and Pastor’s kit) engineered alongside the movie to help with ministry to young dating couples and those who are married. These church resources are lead by Teaching Pastor and Best selling author, Kyle Idleman of Southeast Christian church, one of the largest churches in America.

Ugh.  There’s even a trailer…

Ugh….  I need to go read Bultmann now to cleanse my mental palate…

6 thoughts on “They’ve Made the Song of Solomon into a Movie…

  1. Looks like a very pedestrian love movie. The Song of Songs is filled with erotic imagery. This looks like a boring movie. I am sure it will play will to that particular Christian sub sub culture.


  2. Ugh. Talk about your proverbial “judge a book by it’s cover” commentary. Are you so jaded that you think someone can’t actually produce something creative and compelling.


    • If you see a pitbull on a porch and you’ve been bit by every pitbull you’ve ever seen you’re a fool if you go on that porch.


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