Very Sad News: The Death of Yuval Peleg

I received word early this morning that Yuval Peleg, an archaeologist with the IAA, was suddenly killed while working in a cave which collapsed.


UPDATE:  Joseph Lauer provides the following details:

The following articles apparently deal with the very sad news.

The Times of Israel (“Archaeologist killed in landslide at West Bank dig — Paramedics say 50-year-old crushed by rocks, pronounced dead at site”) at

The Jerusalem Post (“Man killed by falling rocks during archaeology dig in West Bank — Israeli and several Palestinian workers were digging at entrance to cave when rocks began falling down the mountain, trapping the man”) at or

Jerusalem Online (“Archaeologist Killed in Samaria Cave Collapse — A disaster happened in an archaeological site in Samaria. A cave collapsed when a 46-year-old archaeologist was standing inside. MDA arrived on site to give him medical treatment, but was forced to announce his death”) at

This is so very tragic.  He has two small children and a wife and just completed his PhD and had a new job with the IAA.  If you’re the praying sort, pray for his family and friends.

UPDATE II:  More from Joe

As unfortunately expected, Yuval Peleg was identified as the archaeologist killed in an accident, and his funeral has been scheduled for Friday morning. See   Arutz Sheva [Hebrew News Brief] at

Arutz Sheva (“Archaeologist Yuval Peleg is scheduled to be laid to rest, Friday morning at 9:30 in the cemetery of Kfar Adumim, east of Jerusalem”) at [English] [Hebrew]

Other articles include the following:

Arutz Sheva (“Archaeologist Killed in Samaria Cave-In — Yuval Peleg, 45, of Kfar Adumim, was a senior archaeologist in the IDF’s Civil Administration”) at [English] [Hebrew, with a video of a Hebrew lecture by Yuval Peleg]

Maariv [Hebrew, with pictures and a video of a Hebrew lecture by Yuval Peleg] at

A picture of the rescue efforts at the cave is at and

Dr. Aren Maeir posted a note about the sad news, saying that “Yuval ז”ל, was both a very nice person and an excellent scholar. יהי זכרו ברוך”, and closing with “With the excavation seasons now starting (or already going on) – please, please – let’s all be careful out there!” See

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  1. This is really tragic! I always admired Yuval’s good spirits and sense of humor, as well as his experience in field archaeology. Yehi Zichro Baruch!


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