3 comments on “Ed Young: Prosperity Preacher / Heretic

  1. In Brazil a pastor, who has churches all over the country and a few in the USA and has been in jail in the USA (even as a Brazilian citizen) for finance mishandling, lying to the FBI and border authorities, is reported to have instituted a context in his churches to all rigorously regular tithers: every month they run a draw from among this tithers and whoever gets the “luck”, or “blessing” receives a certain significant amount of money. I wonder how long is it going to take for these heretics to do the same here in America! For once, at least in this case, foreigners may be teaching Americans how to further corrupt the Gospel instead of the customary reverse!

  2. I remember him as the guy who taught on sex…I guess if you appeal to the flesh in your preaching it will reveal itself in other areas too.

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