2 comments on “A Racist Texas Politician? Well What a ‘Surprise’

  1. A police committee member in Wolfeboro, NH was overheard in a similar conversation, using a term in reference to Pres. Obama’s skin color. He said that he was going to hang on, too.

    He resigned a couple of days later.

    He defended it as honest, and some defended him saying it was a private conversation (held in a public restaurant, though, and loud enough to be overheard).

    These people are sick.

  2. As much as it is despicable, repulsive, sickening and all that is bad to mention the ethnicity of a group as the reason to impugn it, it is just as despicable, repulsive and sickening for a group, majority or minority, based on ethnicity, political position, sexual preference or religion, economical power or lack thereof, to procure their sole interest among society if that interest can only be met with the resources and assets of others and when said resources and assets and wholesome traditions are garnished with the power of the gun, through government legislation and courts. When that happens, often, in rage, a group may be named in the worst manner possible. Only those who have not been harmed by a group, in a direct way, have never felt such a rage and never felt tempted to push back by offending in the most irrational and inhumane way. It is not a justification, it is deserving of due punishment for we have to be able to express our grievances for the grievances sake and not the griever!

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