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Zwingli For Today: On True Religion

zwingli-portraitSomething for you to ponder (and with which to cleanse your mind from the dirt of the day) :

The true religion of Christ, then, consists in this: that wretched man despairs of himself and rests all his thought and confidence on God, sure that He can refuse nothing who has given His Son for us; and that the Son, who is equally God with the Father, can refuse nothing, since He is ours. But false religion merely juggles with the name of Christ, having its hope elsewhere. For, to wash away his sins, one man hires drunken singers, another monks to engage in empty psalmody; one thinks to purchase blessedness by building pretentious churches, another by having costly raiment made for some saint; one rests on his own works, another on those of somebody else. In short, there are as many gods as there are cities, for each has some special saint to whom it entrusts its salvation. So also Jeremiah laments, 2:28: “According to the number of thy cities are thy gods, O Judah.”  — Huldrych Zwingli

I Get Home From a Lovely Day and Read the Twitter…

Only to find a rather unpleasant tweet from a person I’ve never heard of.  I’m forced to wonder, though, given his inability to spell the word Bible, his admission of drunkenness, or his stated personal sexual preferences, which viewpoint of mine he dislikes the most.  My insistence that words be spelled correctly, my tea-totalling, or my heteroism.  Alas, we shall never know.


A Very Lovely Day At Emory

Visiting with Jacob Wright and Pat Graham and discussing Jacob’s Prehistory of the Bible course and Pat’s interest in things Reformation oriented.  Indeed, Pat showed me some lovely first editions of several volumes- chiefly this ‘Low German’ translation of the Bible.

Jacob Wright’s Course on the Prehistory of the Bible

Today begins the second week and I simply want to pass on a useful piece of information hat Jacob shared with me- download the Coursera app for your ipad or iphone and view the videos there. It’s considerably easier. The app is great.

Atlanta and Car Trouble

I’m in Atlanta for a meeting and just before I arrived my car started acting weird. The engine was skipping and hesitating. So I checked in to the hotel and then went to an auto parts store to have them plug in their code reader. Turned out to be a cylinder misfire.

I’m no mechanic but outside the auto parts store the clerk introduced me to Ed, a master mechanic who makes his living doing mobile auto repair. Fortunately he was on hand and charged me a fraction of what a shop would have charged.

Now my car runs like new and all is well with the world.

Oh, did I say “fortunate”? I should have said blessed. Blessings, after all, are where you are able to see them.

Idealism: An Observation

Bullets are proof of idealism’s hubris.