Hey You Papists, Take Down That Banner!

So the Jerusalem authorities!

Here is some disturbing news from Israel, which calls itself the only democracy in the Middle East. Authorities in Jerusalem have asked Catholics to take down a banner featuring the Pope, lest it spur attacks ahead of the Pope’s visit May 25-26.

Really? Because anyone who may be thinking of causing trouble (like the Ultra-Orthodox defacers and vandals of Christian Churches, you mean?) doesn’t know when the Pope will visit if the banner isn’t there? Really? Yup!

Police and the Shin Bet have reportedly been concerned Jewish extremists could increase attacks on Christian sites ahead of the pope’s arrival in an attempt to attract media attention.

Jewish extremists (shouldn’t they really be called terrorists? Because that’s what they’d be called if they were Muslim, and we all know it).

In response to questions about images of Pope Francis being displayed in Jerusalem, Twal answered that they were put up just as they are throughout the rest of the world, to welcome the pope during his visit. Twal added that in Israel, it is common to put up pictures of athletes and soccer players when they visit, and asked why then should there be such criticism over pictures of the Pope.

No kidding. Except for the Jewish Neo-Nazis who may raise a ruckus because they are racists and fascists.


Democracy? Please. As if.  This is the deed of a democracy as much as Putin’s invasion of Crimea was a demonstration of democracy.