Facebook Theology That Makes Me Sigh

People, it seems, like to put words in God’s mouth.  Especially the sort of people who think any mention of sin or judgment or punishment is somehow a distortion of the much vaunted (and greatly appreciated) love of God.  This sort likes to maintain that God is happy to tolerate any deviant behavior and just wants people to be happy and live fulfilled (self absorbed) lives.

Evidently such persons have sat at the gnarled feet of Rick Warren or TD Jakes or Joel Osteen.  But they haven’t read the Bible.

Exhibit 9081

uhohReally Eugene?  Seriously?   How about, then, Matthew 12:31-32?  Are you suggesting, with your sweepingly broad assertion that poor old Jesus didn’t have any idea about God’s redemptive power?

Διὰ τοῦτο λέγω ὑμῖν, πᾶσα ἁμαρτία καὶ βλασφημία ἀφεθήσεται τοῖς ἀνθρώποις, ἡ δὲ τοῦ πνεύματος βλασφημία οὐκ ἀφεθήσεται.  καὶ ὃς ἐὰν εἴπῃ λόγον κατὰ τοῦ υἱοῦ τοῦ ἀνθρώπου, ἀφεθήσεται αὐτῷ· ὃς δ᾽ ἂν εἴπῃ κατὰ τοῦ πνεύματος τοῦ ἁγίου, οὐκ ἀφεθήσεται αὐτῷ οὔτε ἐν τούτῳ τῷ αἰῶνι οὔτε ἐν τῷ μέλλοντι.

Slogans are nice.  And they even sound good.  Until, of course, you actually look at them and compare them with what Scripture reveals.

Now, to be sure, Scripture has been set aside by many ‘Christians’ who are far more at home in CS Lewis or JRR Tolkein or Oprah Winfrey’s latest book club selection- and glean their ‘spirituality’ from those sorts of sources.  But some of us still view Scripture as authoritative for faith and practice.  And we aren’t allowed to dismiss it simply to offer slogans aimed at making the unregenerate feel good about their degeneracy.

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  1. (this is the best place for the comment I made in another post)
    Knowing you by now I know you dislike accolades and words of praise, but indulge me… I believe in giving honor to whom honor is due and I don’t have to misquote the Bible for such belief. As such, this post is excellent in every angle I am proud that you have the courage to unmask these caricatures of Christian teaching, that these “one liners”, these, “slogans” proclaimed by some people today represent! If you want to devote your lifetime to debunk of of them you will have to live about 3 lives and still not cover them all in your rebuttal, but thanks for doing it in a one by one basis! My question when I read these distortions is, and always will be “where is the BCAVIC, or, book, chapter and verse in context”?


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