Congratulations to Chris Tilling!

Chris is the first winner of the Zwingli Prize Top Ten Biblioblog Award.  Chris is hereby awarded the award and is free to display it proudly on his blog.  He has received this award in recognition of his many years of blogging and his numerous contributions to biblical scholarship.

Congrats, Chris, well done.


2 thoughts on “Congratulations to Chris Tilling!

  1. Chris Tilling

    I want to thank my parents, sisters, loved ones and everyone who made this possible. While I have the opportunity, I think I ought to settle some scores. First, my old geography teacher for the time he gave me a “d”. You, sir, are a twat. Second, the lady who refused to refund my headphones at HMV because they “look used”. Dammit, it was only a tiny bit of earwax. But you lose now, HMV woman.


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