“The World of the Bible” – It’s 10,000 Times Better than BAR

From the publisher-

www.theworldofthebible.com is a new website that helps you to understand the Bible and the origins of the great monotheistic religions

The World of the Bible is an English-language web site that explores the origins of the three great monotheistic religions, the history and exegesis of the Bible, the current state of Near Eastern archaeology and the history of religious art.

It is produced by Le Monde de la Bible, a high-quality French journal published by the Bayard group. Launched in 1977, it took over from an academic journal, Bible et terre sainte, that had been founded in 1957.

Since its creation Le Monde de la Bible has aimed to bring the findings of Near Eastern archaeological excavations face to face with the university research carried out by Biblical exegetes and historians, for the benefit of a wide audience. Today, the contributing authors (religious historians, exegetes, theologians, archaeologists, art historians…) are internationally renowned specialists in the Bible and in religion from Antiquity to the Middle Ages:

Bolstered by its international reputation, the brand is launching an English-language website, The World of the Bible, in April 2014. Access to the content of the site is free. Articles will be organized into three main subject areas:

History: going back to the sources of the three great monotheistic religions and analyzing biblical texts in the light of historical, exegetical and archaeological research.

Art: discovering the treasures of the past and of modern times that have been inspired by the Bible and by the religious history of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Archaeology: keeping abreast of the latest discoveries and current affairs in the archaeology of the Near East.

Have a look.  It really is a magazine that’s thousands of times better than BAR.  The essays are brilliant and don’t pander to the sensationalistic.  And they don’t advertise potentially looted or forged artifacts.