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Islamic Extremists are Crucifying People In Syria

Publislamic crucifixions are mostly ceremonial these days, staged rituals that some Christian communities enact as part of their Easter observance. But the real thing may be returning to Syria. Two men were reportedly crucified in Raqqa on Tuesday, their bloody corpses displayed in the center of a town controlled by the most severe of Syria’s Islamist factions.


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The Modern American Pastorate: An Observation

Most ‘pastors’ with business degrees know Adam Smith better than they know St. John.

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Are Theologians Today Weaklings? An Observation

Are they milchtoasty and so accepting of deviant ideas because they don’t want to seem intolerant or offend anyone?  Yes.  Are too many theologians more committed to being popular best-sellers than tradents of the Holy Faith?  Yes.  Are too many theologians today more concerned with seeming ‘nice’ than being orthodox?  Yes.

Consequently, theology is – for the majority even of Christians – invisible.  Theologian / Churchmen (women) are a dying breed and it is the Church itself which is suffering for it.

Further, too few Pastors are theologians.  Too many are business majors who run the Body of Christ as though it were a Wal-Mart.  Thinking theologically too is a dying art, and it is the Church itself which is suffering for it.

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Sharlene Simon Is The World’s Worst Human Being

I know right well what I would like to say, but I shan’t.  Instead, I’ll simply point out that the greed and selfishness of this woman exceeds the greed and selfishness of Satan himself.

Sharlene Simon

Sharlene Simon

Still in the throes of agony after an SUV struck and killed their bike-riding son, the parents of young Brandon Majewski are now reeling after they learned the driver is suing their dead child.  “I feel like someone kicked me in the stomach — I’m over the edge,” the dead boy’s father Derek Majewski said.  Brandon, a spunky and handsome 17-year-old bike enthusiast, was out with two buddies at around 1:30 a.m. on Oct. 28, 2012, when they hopped on their bicycles to go for hotdogs.

Not long after, an SUV crashed into the boys on Innisfil Beach Road, killing Brandon and badly injuring his friend Richard McLean, 16, who suffered a broken pelvis and other serious injuries. His other pal Jake Roberts, 16, received only scratches.  Now the driver of the SUV – a former Innisfil resident –  Sharlene Simon, 42, a mother of three, is suing the dead boy for the emotional trauma she says the crash has caused her. She’s also suing the two other boys, as well as the dead boy’s parents, and even his brother, who has since died. She’s also suing the County of Simcoe for failing to maintain the road.  Even the family’s lawyer is in shock.

“In all of my years as a lawyer, I have never seen anyone ever sue a child that they killed,” Brian Cameron said. “It’s beyond the pale.”  Brandon’s mother, Venetta Mlynczyk, said she’s devastated.  “She killed my child and now she wants to profit from it? She says she’s in pain? Tell her to look inside my head and she will see pain, she will see panic, she will see nightmares.”

Simon’s statement of claim says the boys were negligent.

Satan, meanwhile, has called Simon and asked if he could take lessons from her on how to be despicably vile.  Satan then advised her that he is very much looking forward to meeting her…



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Does Liberty University Not Have 2 John In Its Canon?

Concerning the Beck fiasco- which part of 2 John 10-11 has eluded the administration of Liberty University?  The theological principle encased in that text is completely relevant to a Christian University as much as it is to a Christian Household.

εἴ τις ἔρχεται πρὸς ὑμᾶς καὶ ταύτην τὴν διδαχὴν οὐ φέρει, μὴ λαμβάνετε αὐτὸν εἰς οἰκίαν καὶ χαίρειν αὐτῷ μὴ λέγετε·  ὁ λέγων γὰρ αὐτῷ χαίρειν κοινωνεῖ τοῖς ἔργοις αὐτοῦ τοῖς πονηροῖς. (2Jo 1:10-11)

That’s all that need be said.


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The Mythbuster at Work

antonioAntonio Lombatti- Mythbuster


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Manfred Weippert: Historisches Textbuch zum Alten Testament

978-3-525-51693-5I have searched high and low for a review of this volume, and cannot find one.  I can’t understand why.  Weippert’s work is always prudent and that this book hasn’t been discussed seems very odd.

It is a commonplace that the history of ancient Israel (that is, Israel and Judah) cannot be written and understood on the basis of the Old Testament alone. It is therefore necessary to make sources accessible that provide a kind of external perspective by which the statements of the Old Testament can be assigned to the world to which they relate or seem to relate. Due to scholarly research into the ancient Near East and its languages during the past two and a half centuries two groups of materials have emerged: Ancient Near Eastern texts and findings from archaeological work. The book offers a selection from the former group focusing on such written documents that relate directly or indirectly to conditions and events associated with Canaan/Palestine, Israel and Judah. All 338 texts have been translated from the original languages (Egyptian, Akkadian, Ancient North Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew, Hittite, Moabite, Phoenician). Understanding the texts is facilitated by historical introductions, detailed comments on individual texts and references to relevant sections from the Old Testament. For further reading detailed bibliographies are provided. The book can also be used independently as an anthology of texts on the history of Southern Syria and Palestine in the 2nd and 1st millennia BC.

I noted first mention of this book in 2010, remarking

 Manfried Weippert has published a new volume that sounds loads of fun.

Recently, then, the good folk at Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht sent an e-book edition (for which I’m grateful) and concerning which I would like to make the following observations:

First- the edition is something of a hybrid, straddling a middle way between the massive ANET of James Pritchard and the more modern – in English – Context of Scripture (3 volumes).

Second- Weippert’s selection of texts is extremely interesting.

12It would be interesting to compare the texts included here to the texts including in the previously mentioned English editions of ancient texts.

Third, Weippert organizes the material in a way which is simply superior to ANET’s methodology.  Weippert combines chronological and geographical considerations and makes available the most important critical editions of those ancient materials.

Fourth, Weippert’s bibliographical entries are very helpful for research purposes.  He points scholars towards the most valuable tools.

Fifth, the footnotes are copious and extensive, often comprising more page space than the actual ancient texts.  Readers of the texts may bypass them, but to their own harm, for they are loaded with explanation and expansion.

Sixth, each text is carefully and thoroughly introduced (in good Germanic fashion, which is to say, abundantly).

Seventh, I will illustrate the above points with a screenshot from text #5 (the texts are numbered for ease of location) :


Such, then, are the major points potential readers should take note of if they are considering acquiring this volume.  It is the most up to date edition in German (that I am aware of) and Weippert is without question one of the most competent and capable of persons for a project like this.

I would urge that it appear in English at some point but I have to say, if I’m being honest, that I don’t think it likely.  There are already a number of English editions of these texts and specialized studies appear regularly.  German scholars, readers of German, and specialists will wish to get hold of it nonetheless, as even if the texts provided overlap other editions, the notes, introductions, and bibliographic materials are exceptional.

If this book were a movie, it would be an Oscar winner.

Jim West
Quartz Hill School of Theology
Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary

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Wow Liberty University, WOW!

This is utterly insane if true.  Utterly insane.

Liberty University invited Mormon Glenn Beck to preach to its students at its compulsory convocation last week, handing out $10 fines to residential students who didn’t have a suitable excuse for not attending.

The Beck sermon continues a worrying trend that signals Liberty’s rapid retreat from Christian orthodoxy to an unapologetic embrace of false religions and heretics, starting with self-proclaimed messiah Rev. Moon in the 1990s, to Benny Hinn and the Mormon church today. Though it still markets itself as a Christian university, its definition as to what passes as Christian is not one shared by most of the churches that send their young people there for an education.

We’ve covered Liberty’s affiliation with the Moonie cult and Benny Hinn on this blog before, and Beck’s heretical sermon last week suggests that the toleration of false teachers like Moon and Hinn weren’t aberrations. Foisting heresy on students is becoming Liberty’s signature.

Liberty hosts convocation events throughout the year to which students are compelled to attend. Although it’s not part of the chapel program, most speakers are Christians, and most use the event to preach. Clayton King and Steven Furtick are regular convocation speakers.


Evidently there are no proper theologians vetting Liberty’s lineup of speakers.  They seem to love deceivers.


It’s Depressing Getting Old…. A Cautionary Tale

Once upon a time (today) I was making my daily (nearly) visit to a local coffee shop (called Starbucks).  As I opened the door of the car and got out it DELUGED.  By the time I got to the door I was soaked to the bone.

Unfortunately, I decided today in my choice of clothing a white polo shirt.  Do you know what happens to white shirts when they get wet?  That’s right, they become white see-through shirts.

To my HORROR as I opened the door of the coffee place I saw my reflection in the glass!  Oh despair.  Oh horror.  Oh dismay.  Staring back at me, was, old grossness…

download(actual photo of me at Starbucks this morning)

The heartache wouldn’t have been so profound had I not been giggled at by a group of teen girls who, instead of being in school, were in Starbucks…  little satanists.  Along similar lines, the shock wouldn’t have been so pronounced if I didn’t have quite a different mental image of myself.  For, you see, in my mind I look like this:

images(actual picture of me in my mind)

The disparity is appalling, isn’t it.

I tell this heartbreaking story simply to make two points for the benefit of my fellow senior citizen pilgrims:

1- Never wear white when it’s raining.

2- Never ever ever look in a mirror.  Ever.  DON’T DO IT!  The image of yourself which you carry around in your mind is much more pleasant than what people actually see.


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Total Depravity Canada, Or, Just A Canadian Being a Canadian…

Maybe this is why their anthem is Oh Canada….. And don’t they have prophetic surnames in the frozen north?


You can blame Tom Bolin.


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#Muggie du Jour

Each day I go for coffee I have them put someone importants name on the cup. Here’s today’s. If you ever find yoursel #Muggied- you have arrived.


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Star Wars Episode VII


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Have we found the remains of the last Hasmonean King?

Can’t be proven (not that that matters anymore, right Harvard?) but I bet this is actually Jesus’ jaw and a nail used in his crucifixion…

With Meagre Powers

Could this be the jawbone of the last Hasmonean king of the Jews, Antigonus II Mattathiah, and one of the nails used to crucify him?

Antigonus II Mattathiah was an ambitious man. He was an active opponent of Antipater and Herod, the Idumean father and son pair who attempted to gain control of Judea, Samaria, and Galilee in the mid to late first century BC. Eventually, with Parthian backing, Antigonus II became King of the Jews in 40 BC. His alliance with the Parthians, however, put him out of favour with the Romans, who were attempting to maintain control of the region against the Parthian threat. As a result, Rome awarded kingship over the Jewish nation to Herod in 39 BC. And so, for the next couple of years, Antigonus and Herod wrestled for control of the Jewish nation.

Antigonus’ grip on power rapidly slipped, and in 37 BC Herod gained control of Jerusalem. He captured…

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Angry Atheist Hypocrisy

If the British Bible Society were planning to put a Bible in every schoolchild’s hands, the angry atheists would go apoplectic in rage.  But when they plan to put ‘The Atheist Bible’ in those same hands, it’s all good…  Hypocrites.

Die britische humanistische Vereinigung beschenkt Schulen in England und Wales mit einer Atheisten-Bibel. Jede weiterführende Schule soll ein Gratisexemplar von «The Young Atheist’s Handbook» («Handbuch für junge Atheisten») erhalten. Dies meldete die britische Tageszeitung The Independent am Mittwoch. Der Autor des Buches Alom Shaha, Lehrer für Naturwissenschaften, beschreibt in dem Buch seinen Weg von einer muslimischen Einwandererfamilie in London zum Atheismus.

Feckless hypocrites.

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Oh Come On!!! Fox is Cancelling ‘Almost Human’

I love this show.  Why do they always cancel the ones I like?????  Fox…  you annoy so.

I have learned that Fox has opted not to pick up a second season of Almost Human. The futuristic drama starring Karl Urban and Michael Ealy got off to a sluggish start in November but held enough ground to at least earn renewal consideration, often finishing on par with its Monday companion (the already-renewed drama The Following). In fact, the March season (and series) finale of Almost Human logged a 1.5 rating in 18-49, matching the Live+Same Day rating for last night’s finale of The Following. (The Following is a bigger DVR draw). Almost Human‘s chances started to slip once Fox’s drama pilots started to come in. 

BLAH!  I’m filing this one under ‘Theodicy’.

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God Doesn’t Care Who Wins a Ballgame

But I do…  Go Chelsea!


I won’t be praying that Chelsea win… because praying for such things is absurd and, well, a bit insane.  But I will be screaming at the tv.  Those two things aren’t the same.  Except when people from Texas do them, because they don’t know the difference between prayer and yelling…

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Quote of the Week

From the twitter-

@JYuter: Those who say “#YOLO” lose their share in the world to come, if for no other reason than denying resurection #TwitterPsak


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Eric Cline Has Written A Book????? Why Am I Always the Last to Find Out?

Quick Questions for Eric Cline, author of 1177 B.C.

And look how short Eric is!!!!   Wow, he’s just tiny!


What inspired you to get into your field?

My mother gave me a book when I was seven years old. It was called The Walls of Windy Troy and was a biography of Heinrich Schlieman. After reading it, I announced that I was going to become an archaeologist. When I graduated from college with a degree in Classical Archaeology, my mother gave me the same book again…

What would you have been if not an archaeologist?


HAHAHAHAH!  It’s a great interview.  Enjoy.

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Dear Texas, Haven’t You Left The Union Yet? The Case of Heather Miller

Can’t you do it soon?

Early Monday morning parents of Katy Junior High are receiving a disturbing email concerning one of the teachers at the school.  According to a release by Katy ISD, 46, Heather Lynn Miller,  a social studies teacher. was arrested on the campus on Sunday night by district police after they were found allegedly engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year old student at the school.  The alleged incident happened in a portable classroom.  According, to the release that teacher has been removed from the classroom and placed on administrative leave, pending investigation.  Parents of students who may have been taught or interacted with the educator on a regular basis are being contacted directly.


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Church History As It Really Is In One Handy Chart

Modified from a photo on the facebook (errors eliminated)-


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