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Palestine: The Myth of Arab Displacement

Here’s one for you: Palestine: The Myth of Arab Displacement, by Yakov Israel.

The Children of Syria Need the World to Care

Luther’s Advice Concerning Preaching

“He [Martin Luther] said to Anthony Lauterbach, “When you are to preach, speak with God and say, ‘Dear Lord God, I wish to preach in thine honor. I wish to speak about thee, glorify thee, praise thy name. Although I can’t do this well of myself, I pray that thou mayest make it good.’ When you preach, don’t look at Philip or Pomeranus or me or any other learned man, but think of yourself as the most learned man when you are speaking from the pulpit.

“I have never been troubled by my inability to preach well, but I have often been alarmed and frightened to think that I was obliged to speak thus in God’s presence about his mighty majesty and divine nature. So be of good courage and pray.”*

*Luther’s works, vol. 54: Table Talk, pp. 157–158.

Mythicism and the Mainstream: The Rhetoric and Realities of Academic Freedom

That’s James McGrath’s latest appearing in Bible and Interpretation.

But when it comes to the mythicism proffered by people whose knowledge of relevant languages, historical texts, ancient cultures, and other such data is minimal or non-existent, and whose works consist only of web pages and self-published books, scholars are under no obligation to waste their valuable time on such matters any more than on the countless other topics which web sites and self-published books address, and which a quick perusal shows to be bunk.

Amen.  Enjoy the whole piece.



At Mars Hill Church, Members Have No Voting Rights…

If that isn’t evidence of the cult like nature of the place, nothing is.

I have noted before that the current by-laws of Mars Hill Church do not give members voting privileges for anything at the church. However, on his Facebook page, another former Mars Hill leader is reminding current members that they can still have a voice. Former worship leader at Mars Hill, Luke Abrams, has joined other former leaders who have gone public with significant concerns about the current direction of Mars Hill. Abrams initially posted his thoughts on his private Facebook page, but they were quickly posted on several blogs, including this one. I contacted him to make sure he approved and he gave permission for his statement to posted more widely.

Why would Christians endure such a blatantly cult-like control?  Read the rest of Warren’s post.  And if you’re a Christian at Mars Hill, get out while you can, before Driscoll has you drink the Kool-Aid.



The Director of ‘Noah’ Is a Self Professed Atheist…

And he has boasted that the movie is the least biblical of the ‘bible’ movies thus far made:

Director Darren Aronofsky called his movie “the least biblical biblical film ever made,” The Telegraph reported. He also claimed his leading character, Noah, was the “first environmentalist,” something that suggests the movie storyline doesn’t exactly follow the Bible’s.  And something else the suggests a serious divergence from the biblical account: Not once during the movie is the name “God” spoken, an early reviewer found, The Telegraph reported.

So if you want to put money in this guy’s pocket, go ahead.

Dear Man United Supporters…

Prepare to lose magisterially!


Dear Misrepresenters of Jesus…

Take note: