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Shepherds of the Empire

9781451472950bI saw this mentioned on Fortress Press’s facebook page and had to share word of it.  It looks enthralling!

The late nineteenth century was a time of rapid industrialization, mass politicization, and modern philosophy. The resulting political and cultural upheaval confronted the German Protestant church with deep questions of identity.
On the one side sat an educated academic guild whose explorations of history, philology, and emerging social scientific disciplines gave rise to serious questions about the Christian faith and its meaning for today.  On the other sat parish clergy faced with the complexities of daily life and leadership in common communities. For these parish clergy the pressure was great to support and bolster people not only in their life as Christians, but in their life as Germans.
Shepherds of the Empire engages timeless questions of identity and faith through the time-bound work of four key thinkers who attempted, and ultimately failed, to carve a middle way for the German parish clergy in that environment.  The volume focuses on the life and work of Adolf Stoecker (1835–1909), Martin Kähler (1835–1912), Adolf Schlatter (1852–1938), and Christoph Blumhardt (1842–1919).
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The ‘Jesus and Brian’ Conference Papers are Online

James ‘The Barrow-in-Furness Mauler’ Crossley writes

A conference exploring the Historical Jesus and his Times, via Monty Python’s Life of Brian

Friday 20 June to Sunday 22 June 2014
Edmond J Safra Lecture Theatre, King’s College London

Full details are available here.

Papers listed are:

Professor Joan E. Taylor (King’s College London): Welcome Address and Introduction: ‘The Historical Brian

Go to the link at the top of this post for the rest.

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Yo, Wuddup, Homie?!

Sorry- I couldn’t resist.  You’re invited to contribute to JD Homie’s ancient linguistics Carnival.  Go ahead.  Do it.

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Call For Submissions-

Via Roland Boer-
Call for Papers

Now that the Bible and Critical Theory journal has settled into its new home, we would like to issue a call for papers.

Articles should follow the aims of the journal:

The journal explores the intersections between critical theory, understood in the broad sense, and biblical studies. It publishes peer-reviewed articles that investigate the contributions from critical theory to biblical studies, and contributions from biblical studies to critical theory.

Please submit article online:

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Is Joel Watts a Real Person? Or Is He A Nigerian Scammer?

Sir / Madam,

I think it should be a formal , if I introduce myself. I am Emmanuel Willem ‘s, I ‘m from Canada. July 11th I will be 45yrs young. I esmubūvinženieris ( Geo technical and structural ) , we specialize in building drainage ‘s, road and bridge design. My work takes me to different parts of the world . I am currently in Africa working with my company for a project in Ghana.

I had to take up a personal project outside my companies project to help some orphans on their own. I saw an unregistered orphanage home in one of the villages where we are constructing roads.I time was in tears when I saw the children. Children , where about 47 children of all numbers , aging between 2yrs – 14yrs . The building was dilapidated and they sleep on bare grounds.

When it rains at night they become extinct , because the roofs are torn . They can not read , malnutrition – ED , looking haggard and not well clothe.I took it as a mission to help them build it and put a smile on the faces of the innocent children , because we are all Gods creation . I did a bill quotations to help them build a nice dorm , playground , library, and a small health center , so they can get vaccinated against snakes and malaria very special.

The irony of it all irvaldība do not care about it. They have 46 kids left , one died from a strange disease a few months ago . These are four of them in the hospital now . Two suffering from malaria , the other from pneumonia , betpēdējais require extensive surgery , she suffers from chronic renal failure ( CRF ) and undergoes dialysis twice a week.

My life is very tiring right now, I wish I had another life . I had a bad weekend, and I ‘m having a messed up week. I have been insulted and impolitely thrown away with a bad name , because I asked for some help callous individuals . I ‘m trying to help save the life of Mary , the little orphan girl who needed a major operation . I ‘m confused I do not know what to do? I do not know whether to let her go ? Something kept asking me if she was my daughter or family for me to go away .

PLEASE I We need your help .

God bless .

Willem ‘s Eng.Emmanuel

Joel, stop writing me these letters.  Just say no.


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Quote of the Day

“You do not fall because you are weak, you fall because you think you are strong.” ~ Yiddish Proverb

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The Anniversary of the Death of Rhegius

rhegiusYou probably have never heard of

The reformer Urbanus Rhegius (Koenig)[. He] was born in 1490 at Langenargen, near Lindau. He studied at Freiburg and at Ingolstadt. At the latter place he became professor of poetry and rhetoric. In the year 1520, he became cathedral preacher at Augsburg, where he accepted the principles of the Reformation. In 1530, he was called as superintendent to Celle and as such was the reformer of the Duchy of Luncburg. He died March 23, 1541. His works appeared in 1562 at Nuremberg, four volumes in German, three volumes in Latin. His biography was written by Heimbuerger (Gotha, 1851) and by Uhlhorn (Elberfeld, 1861).*

As was the case of many in those heady days, Rhegius frequently sought Zwingli’s advice concerning theological questions, particularly on the topic of original sin.  It was to Rhegius that Zwingli dedicated his book on that very subject.

As the editor of the English edition notes

This pamphlet was in answer to a letter of Rhegius to Zwingli, which has not been discovered thus far. (See Zwingli’s Werke, Vol. VIII. (1914), 633, note 4). Rhegius had some doubts as to the soundness of Zwingli’s views regarding original sin. This appears from a letter which he wrote on January 14, 1526, to Ambrose Blaurer of Constance, in which he expressed himself rather vigorously: “I am sorry Zwingli was not at Baden [i. e., the Baden Disputation, May 21–June 18, 1526]. He would have defeated all the Papists once for all, except in the matter of original sin, which he seems to treat in a very unsound fashion. In regard to the Lord’s Supper, though he might be criticized, he certainly could not have been defeated by those counterfeit theologians.” Nor was his mind altogether set at rest by this treatise, for he expresses in a letter of September 28, 1526 (Zwingli’s Werke, VIII, 726–8) the fear that Zwingli might be accused of Origenism. Zwingli tried to remove his doubts by a letter dated October 16, 1526 (Werke, VIII, 737–9).]*

Rhegius and Zwingli remained on excellent terms throughout the latter’s life, in spite of their differences on this singular issue (just as Zwingli and I remain on excellent terms in spite of his inaccurate views on baptism).

More on Rhegius is available in Maximilian Liebmann, Urbanus Rhegius und die Anfänge der Reformation, Beiträge zu seinem Leben, seiner Lehre und seinem Wirken bis zum Augsburger Reichstag von 1530 mit einer Bibliographie seiner Schriften, Münster 1980 (Reformationsgeschichtliche Studien und Texte 117).
*The Latin Works of Huldreich Zwingli. (W. J. Hinke, Ed.) (Vol. 2).

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