The ‘Apology’ Mark Driscoll Should Have Written. At Least He Would Have Been Honest

Via Jeff Breakfast on the FB

Dear Practical Takeaways Baptist Church,

I come to you with an unconditional apology. But first, thank you for not leaking this private document. I wouldn’t want to apologize to just ANYBODY.

Now that that is out of the way…Whew! It feels really great to finally be so humble.

I have received a great deal of love and encouragement (hero worship) from you for an impressive sounding amount of years. I appreciate every person who prays for my family and me–except for the ones who I don’t make myself available to, which is all of you. I continue to find great joy in doing the preachy-teachy in your face with a father’s razor-sharp military-grade affection. Who has two thumbs and enjoys yelling in a downward direction while walking off his steak and eggs breakfast every Sunday? This guy.


Reverend Jeff Breakfast

Be sure to visit the link above to read the whole exceptionally delightful piece.

2 thoughts on “The ‘Apology’ Mark Driscoll Should Have Written. At Least He Would Have Been Honest

  1. Emily Maynard (@emelina)

    Do you have permission to share this post in entirety instead of a link to the original work? If not, this is extremely unethical and considered plagiarism. I’d take this down immediately if I were you.


    1. Jim Post author

      oh… except if you were paying ANY attention at all you would have noticed that the link to the post is at the very top of the page! looks like your threats are baseless. tell pastor mark hello. and be sure to point out to him and to yourself that plagiarism is the use of materials without citation. since the source is cited it isn’t plagiarism and you’re simply demonstrating your ignorance.

      finally, if the writer of the post had intended it to be secret or private he or she should not have posted it on an open to the public facebook page. that act alone indicates that he has no expectation that it would go unseen or unshared.

      so again, tell mark hi.


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