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The Road to Blogging is Paved With Good Intentions..

And though I had intended to live blog The Bible Rules tonight at 10, I’m way too tired to stay up till 11.  So I’m recording it on the dvr machine thing and I’ll view it tomorrow and pass along my ‘take’.  I apologize to one and all.  Getting up at 4 or 5 in the morning makes 11 at night really late.  And I’m not British (those people are Vampires, up all night, sleeping all day).

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Conference Announcement- Tagung: Zeuginnen der Schweizer Reformation

20-22 August 2014. In Zurich. Full details here. Via.  It looks fantastic.  And it features a cast of fantastic scholars.


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Proof David Was an Archaeologist

From the always informative and grandly considerate Gershon Galil-

Here is a proof that King David was an “archaeologist”… (Midrash Samuel, 26): One thousand five hundred cubits (a measure of distance) David dug to reach the foundation of the earth (in order to insure that the Temple would be built on virgin earth). (Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel reported: Land could be considered untouched or virgin earth only if one did not find there a potshard.) David dug so deeply (one thousand five hundred cubits) that in the end he found a potshard. He said to himself: \’All of this toil and I found a potshard [not recognizing that this potshard was different]? At that moment, the Holy One blessed be He, caused the potshard to speak and it said: I don’t belong but when the earth split open [when the Torah was given], I sunk down to the depths to keep the primal water from bursting forth. David did not believe the story and picked up the pot shard, releasing the primal waters into the world.  (Source).

There you have it.

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On the Death of the Wicked: An Observation

“Do I have any pleasure at all that the wicked should die?” says the Lord God, “and not that he should turn from his ways and live?” – Ezekiel 18:23

God takes no pleasure in the death of the unrepentant.  Who can?

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When Fred Phelps Dies, I Won’t Pretend To Care

Certainly, I do feel sorry for members of his family.  They will hurt and I do care about that.  What I don’t care about, however, is the death of an evil man who lied, misled, misrepresented the Gospel, the Bible, and Christianity itself.

Accordingly, in my view, when he dies, a cancer on the body of Christ is removed.  And I don’t do hypocrisy so I won’t pretend that his death is an occasion for sorrow.  Not that I will rejoice, because I learned long ago that rejoicing at the death of anyone is dehumanizing.  But lament?  For Fred Phelps? Not a chance.

The estranged son of the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church said his father is “on the edge of death.”  Fred Phelps Sr. became famous for organizing picket lines of brightly-colored signs carrying hateful messages against tolerance during the funerals of military personnel and famous figures. His actions led to at least two federal and several state laws restricting protests during military funerals.  In a statement on his Facebook page, Nathan Phelps, who has been estranged from his father for 30 years, said the senior Phelps was dying in hospice care in Topeka, Kan., and that he had been ex-communicated from his own church in August of 2013. “I’m not sure how I feel about this. Terribly ironic that his devotion to his god ends this way. Destroyed by the monster he made,” Nathan Phelps wrote.

Indeed- Phelps created a god in his own image.  That’s exactly why his cult should be called Westboro NOT Baptist NOT Church.  When he dies, God willing, the cult will die with him.

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Dear Little Honey Tee Tee…

Get a copy or Eric Cline’s new book.  It’s in your own language and you’ll finally, God willing, learn something.  A thing which, almost miraculously, you have not yet managed to do in all your 73 years.   And urge all of your countrymen to get it as well.

2014-03-16 10.15.58

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Tis a glorious day!



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Whinefluenza© is that all too common affliction affecting many if not most of the members of the Gen-X and Millenial generations.  What is it?  It’s the unending whining which surfaces at nearly every turn when conversation turns to jobs, relationships, government, finance, religion, institutions, cars, clothes, children, parents, responsibilities, studies, and any other human endeavor.

Evidence of Whinefluenza© can be seen on most Millenial & Gen-X facebook pages, twitter accounts, and personal websites.  The lament most often raised by those afflicted with Whinefluenza© can be summarized as follows: ‘woe is me, life isn’t working out exactly as I want it to’.

The cure for Whinefluenza© is a good dose of tough love.  The afflicted soul must be told at every outbreak of the disease that ‘Life is NOT about YOU and the world doesn’t revolve around YOU and YOU aren’t the center of all God’s works and plans.  Toughen up, princess!’

If this doesn’t cure the disorder in 2 weeks, a good stiff punch in the throat with a rolled up copy of The Ryrie Study Bible will do it.

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Quote of the Day

“We do not regret that our religion does trouble certain people, for they ought to be troubled.” – Charles Spurgeon

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Today With Zwingli

zwingli_writing16 March, 1529 saw the appearance (publication is a bit of an overstatement) of Zwingli’s compact remarks concerning the ongoing problem of military stipends: Notizen betreffend Besoldungen und Stipendien. He writes

Es ist angesehen, das man anfencklich ein erbere summ stimme, daby man zuo künftiger zyt blyben mög. Den beden schuolmeistren ietwedrem 80 schwerer stucken. Den ephebis, das ist: den erwachsneren junglingen, eim yeden all fronfasten 5 gl. und zuo sant Martins tag [11.November] 5 müt kernen; und nit me vom allmuosen nemen. Den jungen knaben, die man in künftigem annemen wirt, all fronfasten 6 oder siben pfund. Den beden griechischen leseren ansagen, das sy uff Joannis ietz künftig im 1529.jar [24.Juni 1529] angan söllend, ietwedrer uff ein gantze pfruond uff künftigs ze verdienen. Habend frag, wo man meister Frantz welle das überig gelt geben.

That is all.  So why mention it?  Because it illustrates the simple truth that Zwingli had his ‘finger in every pie’.  As good theologians do.

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