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Mark Driscoll Doesn’t Want You to Be Like Him

Yeah, @PastorMark, don’t pretend that you’ve got the gift of writing when you obviously don’t…

Mark doesn’t want you to be like him. I agree. You shouldn’t be like him at all, having private erotic visions, misapplying the Bible misogynistically, and acting the fraud.


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Were You In the Allentown, PA Burger King in 1986?

SEARCHING FOR BIRTH MOM: In 1986, a newborn baby wrapped in a red sweater was found abandoned in the bathroom of a fast-food restaurant.

Today, that baby is all grown up and looking for her biological mother and people everywhere are trying to help.

Katheryn Deprill posted a photo on her Facebook page in which she held up a sign that read, “Looking for my birth mother. … She abandoned me in the Burger King bathroom only hours old, Allentown PA. Please help me find her by sharing my post.”

“Share” to help Katheryn find her birth mother!



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A Cat With More Sense Than Most Students (And Some Professors)


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Poor Bill O’Reilly Can’t Tell the Truth From Fiction

Mark Potok writes

A couple of weeks ago, I went on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” show, where I was asked if anti-black racism was on the rise. I answered in what seemed to me a calm way, relying on actual research rather than offering a mere opinion.

“I think the best data shows that in fact anti-black racism has risen over the last four or five years,” I told Burnett, according to her website. “There’s polling that shows that both implicit and explicit anti-black attitudes among American whites have gone up quite significantly between 2008 and 2012, to the point where now more than half of white Americans have these anti-black attitudes.”

Over at Fox News, that didn’t go over so well with Bill O’Reilly. Here’s what O’Reilly said on “The O’Reilly Factor” the very next day, according to an E-mail his producer just sent me with the “official” transcript of the show: “No, it’s simply not true, all right. We looked at the AP study that Mr. Potok cited and it’s not even close to being true. So, we suggest that Mr. Potok reread the study and stop demonizing white America for being racist because that’s insane. There are racists — every color, every creed. But to the [sic] zero in that, somehow, in America, white people are becoming more anti-black when you don’t even read the study properly. I want everybody to go to the Associated Press and punch it up, pinhead of the week, all right.” And he designated me as his“Pinhead of the Week.”

Not even close to being true? Let’s check in first with the original 2012 report from The Associated Press, which commissioned the poll that was conducted by researchers from the University of Michigan, Stanford University, and the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago.


O’Reilly’s problem isn’t that he can’t admit he’s made a mistake, his problem is that he can’t tell the difference between the truth and a lie.  And given his wretched books (particularly on Lincoln and Jesus) it’s self evident to one and all that his really real problem is that he doesn’t know much about anything.

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That’s True


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Mike Kruger on James and its Place in the Canon

A great post here.

In many ways, the book of James has not had an easy journey into the New Testament canon.  We have few references to it in the earliest stages, it was doubted by some church fathers, and, of course, Luther himself referred to it as “an epistle of straw.”

However, we should be immensely grateful that God has preserved this book for us. Despite its detractors, the book of James provides essential theological balance for the key doctrinal debates in the church today.  Several key contributions…

Which see.

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Why Is ‘Science’ The ‘Highest Authority’ For Humanity?


Science can be, and in the hands of some, is just as ‘fundamentalist’ as any Christian Fundamentalist could dream of being.  So why aren’t it’s assumptions questioned?  And why do some pretend that if they are questioned, the holy altar has been defiled?  Isn’t blind faith in science just as heinous as blind faith in ‘belief’?

Science has exalted itself to supreme judge and adjudicator of all truth.  But like all self-appointed judges and adjudicators, it simply is a tyrant who will not broach its authority being challenged.

Those chanting ‘all hale science’ are as absurd as those chanting ‘all hale the KJV’.  Both tribes are blind guides of the blind.  They are grovelling sycophants.  Nothing less.  Nothing more.

Luther was completely correct to maintain that reason separated from faith is little more than a whore.  Not because Luther was anti-reason or anti-intellectual.  Quite the contrary (in spite of what the rabid agnostics would pretend to believe)- Luther opposed the ‘lordship’ of ‘reason’ just as he opposed the ‘lordship’ of anything that would pretend to replace God.

“Reason is a whore, the greatest enemy that faith has; it never comes to the aid of spiritual things, but more frequently than not struggles against the divine Word, treating with contempt all that emanates from God.”

And make no mistake, ‘science’ (whatever that is), is an idol for many.  Even for those, and especially for those, who insist that there is no God.


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Joel Osteen Tweets The Wrong Gospel

Nicely done, Tim.

Tim's Blog - Just One Train Wreck After Another

Joel Osteen recently tweeted:

In life, we’re all going to have times where we fall, but don’t relive the negative. Focus on your accomplishments!

Translation: when life’s hard, look to yourself and not to God.

What Gospel is He Preaching?

What a thing for a preacher of the gospel to tweet. Then again, I guess it all depends on what gospel you preach. The one in the Bible is about Jesus, not about us and our accomplishments. I tweeted Mr. Osteen:

Focus on my accomplishments? No, Joel, I’d rather focus on Christ. That’s what the Bible says to do, you know.

He never got back to me, although he did interact with others who responded to his tweet after I did. But just in case he makes his way to my little blog, let me explain about the gospel that puts our focus on Jesus.

  • Jesus is the…

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Biblia Graeca. Septuaginta und Novum Testamentum

Chrismon reviews the new edition-

biblia_graecaGroßartig, das Ding in Händen zu halten! 1379 Gramm Papier, zwölf mal achtzehnkommavier Zentimeter groß, Fadenheftung und  rau-blauer Ledereinband mit Goldbuchstaben beprägt: „Biblia Graeca. Septuaginta. Novum Testamentum Graece“. Schon der Name ein Fest für Theologen – zumindest für die Griechischfans unter ihnen.


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The Latest Issue of ZAW

Here’s the table of contents.

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Congratulations are in Order

Congrats to Bryan Bibb, who is the newly designated Vice-President of SBL Southeast.  A very fine choice.

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IOTS Conference Proceedings

From Willem Smelik-

The first fascicle of the IOTS-meeting is out today: Targum Studies in Munich, IOTS 2013

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