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You Should Always Remember to Charge Your Camera Battery When the Camera Has Been Idle

Otherwise you only get three photos of the evening session before the camera dies.  In any event, the papers I heard covered a variety of things (I hopped around).  Good stuff.  Good first day.  Looking forward to tomorrow.  Panel discussion on ‘Teaching the Bible Online’ (I’m a panelist) and then Sunday morning the session I chair.  The last session.  But I can’t accuse Bryan Bibb of chicanery, because he’s presenting in it.  Let the tyrannay commence!

Dinner With Carl

Sessions commence at 6 so Carl and I went to dinner at a really nice restaurant with fantastic food.  And then he gave me this t-shirt.  For some reason he thought it suited me…  Kids these days…

One Of The World’s Nicest and Smartest


Calvin Rules, Wesley Drools


Our Venue…

It’s nice here at the Marriott and I suppose they want to maximize profits… But wifi is free in the lobby, pay in the rooms, and pay yet again and seperately for the conference space.

I think wifi should be free at the upper end hotels like it is the medium and lower.

The Crucifixion of Haman- New Discoveries

Via Joseph Lauer

Tribeca Synagogue
49 White Street
between Broadway and Church, New York, NY 10013

Wednesday, March 12
Leon Baer Borstein Scholar in Residence Lecture Series

The Crucifixion of Haman – New Discoveries
Professor Steven Fine of Yeshiva University

6:45 light refreshments (dairy) – Dietary Laws strictly observed. Under the supervision of Rabbi Jonathan Glass of Tribeca Synagogue, an Orthodox congregation.

7:15 pm Lecture

admission: $10

Professor Steven Fine is a cultural historian, specializing in Jewish history in the Greco-Roman period. His work focuses mainly upon the literature of ancient Judaism, art and archaeology– and the ways that modern scholars have interpreted Jewish antiquity.

Dr. Fine’s blend of history, rabbinic literature, archaeology, and art, together with deep engagement with historiography and contemporary culture, is expressed in a broad range of publications. The author of academic monographs, museum catalogs, more than 60 articles and even a book for children, Professor Fine’s most recent monograph, Art and Judaism in the Greco-Roman World: Toward a New Jewish Archaeology (Cambridge, 2005, revised edition 2011), received the 2009 Jordan Schnitzer Book Award of the Association for Jewish Studies.

The Scholar in Residence Lecture Series is generously sponsored by Leon Baer Borstein

Signs of the Times…

Millennials are getting married later and at a slower pace than previous generations—in part because of economic hardships—and that’s leading to a lot of babies born out of wedlock. Roughly 47% of the millennial women who had babies in 2012 weren’t married, compared with 35% of mothers from Generation X when they were that age, according to a new Pew study on the generation.

Precious…  Maury Povich is sure going to be busy trying to figure out who all these baby-daddies are…

Around Registration and the Yet to Be Fully Occupied Book Hall



I’m Here

You can stop worrying-


rapture-3Today I’ll be heading to Atlanta for the SBL/ASOR regional meeting.  It’s going to be great I’m sure.  If the hotel wifi is working I’ll post conference highlights and photos (as is my wanton custom).

I doubt there will be much blogging along the interstate though.  It’s unsafe to blog and drive.  And for some students, it’s unsafe to blog at all.  Especially if they wish to be interesting (because interesting things are always controversial things).  But I digress.

I simply make note of this joyful fact so that when you don’t find the usual flurry of brilliance you’re accustomed to finding here, you’ll not think the ‘rapture’ has occurred and you’ve been left behind (but let’s be honest a moment- if there were such a thing as the ‘rapture’ in the dispensationalist sense then 99% of you would be left behind anyway.  Especially you Methodists and Anglicans and Episcopalians and Lutherans and Catholics and MOST especially you, Joel Watts).

More anon…