Dear friends, I saw this on the Instagram and after I returned from the store having had to purchase a replacement phone I thought it important to point out the utter theological bankruptcy of such pentebabbleist nonsense.


1- You don’t have the right to ‘declare’ Ephesians 3 over anything.  It isn’t your word it’s God’s Word.  It doesn’t serve you, it serves Him.

2- God won’t be boxed in by some sort of magical chant you mumble using Scripture (wrongly at that).  Accordingly, God is not bound or required to give you anything at all.  God is  the free sovereign of the universe, not a monkey on a chain of Scriptures decontextualized.

3- In the right place at the right time?  What does that even mean?  To what end?  To get?  As Peter said to Simon, ‘you and your greedy attempts to make gain of God can go to hell!’

4- Do you really think that God arranges all of humanity so that it serves you?  Are you really that narcissistic?

5- Your claim on God’s favor neatly ignores that obedience is the foundation of blessing.  Yet in your idiotic declaration you presume, you feckless heretic, to claim what God grants without uttering one word of your own willingness to obey.

I would like to know who composed this damnably heretical little bitlet.  It is perverse and a perversion of the Gospel and those who would recite it know NOTHING of the substance of Christian faith nor Christian theology.  Nothing.

3 thoughts on “NO!

  1. Shared on Facebook… It is also self-destructing because it assigns the granting of blessings to somehow a self-righteous shallow notion of “honoring God”. Imagine if God would bless us on that… I’d never be blessed!
    Oh, God be merciful unto me that I am such an ignorant of your ways that I am incapable of honoring you as YOU deserve it! Bless me based solely upon the merits of Jesus Christ as no merit abides in me! In Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His work alone, I pray, Amen!


    • Jim 5 Mar 2014 at 2:32 pm

      indeed. ‘honoring God’ is this context seems simply to mean nothing more than taking a verse out of context and beating God over the head with it.


  2. Truth2Freedom 5 Mar 2014 at 3:56 pm

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