I Got a Note From a Mythicist…

And, given the fact that I think the mythicist position is not only utterly idiotic, but as well, exercising my right to allow comments or disallow them at my own pleasure, I rejected his remarks.

This, you’ll not be surprised, annoyed him.  So he sent along another comment- decrying my unwillingness to let his views be aired.

I can only say to him, and all- if you want to express your insane and unstable views, feel free to do so.  But I don’t have to help you do it.  You’re on your own.  Post them on your blog or site to your heart’s content, but you have no business becoming disgruntled with me for not lending you a hand and giving publicity to your senseless cause.

There, on your site, your kindred spirits can read your thoughts and rejoice at your intellect and persuasive skills.  All 3 of them.