Jacob Wright’s Book on David: The Print Edition

22 Feb

Cambridge University Press now has it on their website.

David, King of Israel, and Caleb in Biblical Memory. Of all the Bible’s personalities, David is the most profoundly human. Courageous, cunning, and complex, he lives life to the hilt. Whatever he does, he does with all his might, exuding both vitality and vulnerability. No wonder it has been said that Israel revered Moses yet loved David. But what do we now know about the historical David? Why does his story stand at the center of the Bible? Why didn’t the biblical authors present him in a more favorable light? And what is the special connection between him and Caleb – the Judahite hero remembered for his valor during the wars of conquest? In this groundbreaking study, Jacob L. Wright addresses all these questions and presents a new way of reading the biblical accounts. His work compares the function of these accounts to the role war memorials play over time. The result is a rich study that treats themes of national identity, statehood, the exercise of power, and the human condition.

-Treats King David, one of the greatest figures in the imagination of the West
-Shows the rivalry between David and Caleb in biblical memory
-Presents a new model for understanding the formation of biblical literature, one based on interdisciplinary research on war commemoration
-Presents a new approach to biblical studies, one informed by questions from the discipline of Jewish studies

It has material in it that isn’t contained in the e-book and in some respects is a different book for it.  It will certainly be worth reading if it is even remotely as astonishing as the e-book.

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