So, Anyway, The Contract is Signed…

Some time back when I had finished my intro to Zwingli, Cliff K. and I were chatting and he asked me if I could recommend some resources that Logos would find useful for a new collection of Zwingli’s works they were putting together.  It took me about 10 minutes to have a list of materials to him and as an aside I said that they could include my new Zwingli intro too.

To my surprise, they actually wanted to.  Further, to my surprise, the folk there asked if I were working on anything else that they could add to their library.  At the time, of course, the commentary series I’ve been working on for, what is it now, almost a decade, aimed at a very general readership of the bible and subtitled ‘For the Person in the Pew’, was over 2/3rds complete but I wasn’t quite ready to let it out for electronic distribution.

The print copies have been, I have to confess, really well received (though of course scholars will find nothing in them that’s remarkable or ground breaking).  When, for instance, an elderly pastor without any formal training and who never moved past High School who had been given a copy of the Revelation volume, after reading it, said ‘This is the first time I’ve understood Revelation’ it justifies every effort.  He, and many like him, are exactly the people I have in mind as I write.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t made mistakes.  When I finish the remaining volumes (the NT is completely done, several OT volumes remain, with Exodus currently in preparation), it’s my intention to do a thorough revision of Jeremiah.  It was the first volume I wrote in the series and I am utterly dissatisfied with it now.  I, admittedly, tried to do too much in it.

In all, however, I’m pleased with the series and pleased that it is almost done (and should be completely in 5 years or so).  Mainly because lay people who have read it, like it.  That, for me, is success.

At any rate, Logos is planning on publishing an electronic edition and as new volumes are published, they will be added.  I did have to insist, and this was no problem, that the print edition remain available.  There are a lot of lay folk who don’t own sophisticated bible software and I have no intention of making the series available only to those who do.

Anyway- if you read one or two of them, I hope you enjoy them, my scholarly friends and colleagues.  But please remember, they weren’t written for you.  You are not the intended audience.  The little old lady who limps into worship and the hurried and harried mom with 2 kids at home and the teen wondering what the Gospels have to say to them… these are the people I always have in mind.

That said- buy these books when they come out in Logos!  You’ll be funding my retirement.  And admit it, we all want me to retire!  Or heck, go ahead and buy the print versions and then the electronic version.  You know you want to.  And God probably wants you to as well.  After all, as Joel Watts said, they’re divinely inspired (or words to that effect).

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  1. What a great project! Have you thought of (would the contract with Logos allow?) doing an e-book version for people in the developing world? Here in the Philippines for example few pastors, let alone church-goers, have Logos but many have “smart phones” that can display e-pub books….


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