Two Notables Celebrate their Birth-iversary On the Same Day

mogensmeyerEduard Meyer was born 25 January in 1855 and made important contributions to our understanding of the History of Ancient Israel.  

Mogens Müller was also born on 25 January, although a few years later than Meyer (in 1946).  Müller is perhaps best known for his work on the LXX.  What many may not know, though, is that he is also a warm and generous soul who has a spark of wicked humor about him.  His work in the New Testament extends far beyond Luke and his ideas are amazingly stimulating.  Back to his work on the LXX- the best explanation of the importance of the LXX in the life of the church remains his The First Bible of the Church: A Plea for the Septuagint.

A very happy Birth-iversary to them both, but especially to Mogens.