Claire Palmer on the Lead Codices and “Intellectual Fraud”

Vintage Danny. That kid is on the ball.

Daniel O. McClellan

Claire Palmer, an associate of David Elkington, recently published a post on the International Times blog that directly accuses several bloggers (including me) of slander and misconduct, characterizing our treatment of the Lead Codices issue as “The Great Intellectual Fraud of our Time.” A few very selective quotes are shared along with damning interpretations of their motivation and significance. Of interest to me is the initial response Claire posted from Dr. Christopher Tuttle, associate director of ASOR, after the Elkingtons evidently formally complained about their treatment at our hands:

Please feel free to send me a list enumerating the incidents of slander, misrepresentation, and plagiarism on the ASOR blogsites — evidence required, not just allegations. I would be happy to inquire of the ASOR media officers about such instances in an attempt to rectify them if they are substantiated. … I do not approve of any instances of slander, misrepresentation, or…

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2 thoughts on “Claire Palmer on the Lead Codices and “Intellectual Fraud”

  1. Dr. Robert Deutsch 18 Jan 2014 at 3:56 pm

    This is the symptom of the lead poisoning


    • Jim 18 Jan 2014 at 4:58 pm

      ha! nice!


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