A Snippet from Casey’s “Jesus: Evidence and Argument or Mythicist Myths”- This Week’s “Book of the Week”

mythicistCasey writes in the introduction

In Jesus: Neither God Nor Man, Earl Doherty, perhaps the most influential of all the mythicists, commented:

The advent of the Internet has introduced an unprecedented “lay” element of scholarship to the field….the absence of peer pressure and constraints of academic tenure, has meant that the study of Christian origins is undergoing a quantum leap in the hands of a much wider audience than traditional academia…

Commenting further on his website and his previous book, he added,

The primary purpose of both site and book was to reach the open-minded ‘lay’ audience…

We shall see that this is as inaccurate as possible.*

The book then shows, quite conclusively, how misunderstanding and downright awful scholarship (if that word can even be used of what the mythicists do) is part and parcel of the mythicist enterprise.

Casey’s book was excellent the first read through and it’s just as good the second.  I really do commend it.  It’s this week’s ‘book of the week’.
*Pp. 2-3.