The December Carnival- The Post-A-Day-Keeps-NTWright-Away Edition

9018_173447394096_4238751_nWelcome to the December Carnival – posting January 1, 2014 and covering the best post of each day of the month.  This month’s Carnival is chronologically arranged with each day’s entry the best biblioblog posting of the entire web in the entire universe for that day!   I know, right?!?!

Alongside the chronological arrangement you’ll also notice that no post referencing NT Wright will be found here (well, beyond just this one, but that’s it, really).

wrightSo, now, we’re off!  (At least those of us not overly sensitive to perceived sleights of His Holiness The Pope of Evangelicalism).

1- Jesus made his first appearance this month in a rock. It would make more sense if Peter showed up in rocks but there you have it.

2- Chris Keith’s post on Jens Schroeter’s reaction to Chris Keith et al’s Historical Jesus and ‘memory’ session at SBL is worth reading, even if it is more a booklet than a blog post.

3- Chris Tilling reviewed a review which he weighed in the balances and found wanting, writing, as a consequence, to Allen- מְנֵ֥א מְנֵ֖א תְּקֵ֥ל וּפַרְסִֽין׃.

4- Tommy Wasserman’s post on a review of Parker is really nicely stated.  By the by, have you noticed that all the best blogs do reviews and discuss reviews?  It’s an ancient tradition of critical scholarship, the review.  Much needed and oh so very helpful (if, that is, the reviewer is competent in the field and has actually read the book).  A review of a Historical Jesus book be Reza Aslan, for instance, would be worthless.  But one by Dom Crossan, a treat.

5-  Larry Hurtado posted a follow-up on the ‘Jesus Wife’ fragment.  I’m glad he’s holding their feet to the fire.  Silence on the part of the purveyors of this papyrus won’t make anyone forget (as they seem to hope).

Chris-Keith-lecture146-  Anthony Le Donne offered advice for Christmas shoppers.  Sure, as you read this it’s past Christmas- but you can still buy early for next year.

7- Today we learned that Chris Keith is, and I quote, ‘a major player‘!!!!! Wow. He’s not just a player. Or a playa! He’s a major one!  You can see why- it’s the beard!  He looks like Will Smith in whatever movie Will Smith sported the facial hair.

8- Larry Schiffman pointed out an essay which discusses the question of whether or not the Vatican has a load of Second Temple vessels hidden somewhere. I say no- I say that Joel Watts has them hidden in West Virginia and he’s selling them off bit by bit to pay for his book habit. But that’s just a guess.

liar9- Joel told Tyndale House Publishers in no uncertain terms that it needs to fess up and do the right thing vis-a-vis the Driscoll Plagiarism Affair.

10- Brian Davidson dashed babies against stones! And that’s all that I’m going to say about that…

wright-jesus-victory11- Mark Kortez posted an interesting discussion of the ‘women in ministry’ question I think just about everyone ought to read. It’s thought provoking, in a good way.

12- Larry Schiffman wrote the best explanation of the Rabbinic reaction to the rise of Christianity that I’ve ever read. This post of his MUST be read. If you haven’t, do. If you have, print it off and give it to your students (with attribution of course, don’t be a Driscoll).

wright13- Video/audio of the ‘Memory’ session chaired by Crossley and featuring Chris Keith and some other people at SBL Baltimore magically appeared on the Chris Le Keith blog. Why anyone needs it I don’t know. If they were interested they would have been there and if they weren’t will they watch it now? And anyway, people attending a memory session must have excellent memories and don’t need such crutches as video or audio… right? Right?

14-  No post was found in all of blogdom was found worthy of inclusion (except a couple of mine, but that would turn quickly into overkill since all of you have already seen them).

978056744762315-  John Walker discussed answering mythicists.  Maurice Casey answers the mythicists thoroughly- so I – once more- heartily recommend his book (and John’s post- though not to the same degree of enthusiasm).

16-  Null.  Where did everyone go?

17-  Chris Tilling shared some interesting tidbits from the Burridge Fair in London.  It sounds like it was a lot of fun.

18- Martin Shields had a fun post on the Crimes of Santa.  Ho, Ho, Ho Martin…

zwingli_elected_zurich19- There was an important notice about the appearance of Zwingli’s exegetical writings posted which needs to be both mentioned and which volumes need to be added to every real exegete’s collection.  Because, let’s face it, if you don’t know Zwingli, you don’t know the bible, or theology, or exegesis, or hermeneutics, or God.  And, if I may, you’re doomed to the sinners hell.  Accordingly, it would be good for your soul if you would read Zwingli.

20- Bryan Bibb didst post on e-Bibles.  Yea verily, these newfangled unprinted on proper paper things won’t last.  Forsooth, they shall dissolve like vapor and the godly will return to real books within a decade.

wright_tilling21-  B&H posted an interesting interview with Timothy George on his newly published revised edition of Theology of the Reformers.  George is a top notch historian.  If you haven’t read his work, you’ve robbed yourself of an education.

22-  Antonio Lombatti informed the world of the good news that Silberman/Finkelstein’s The Bible Unearthed has been translated into Italian.

23- James Spinti offered a review you’ll doubtless appreciate.  Of a book!

christmas-card-201324-  Michael Barber examined the story of Joseph and Mary.  A nice post for Christmas Eve.

25-  Merry Christmas to you all!

26-  Claude Marriottini had a good if not altogether persuasive post on the long day of Joshua which you ought to read.

egomaniac27- Void.  Vacat.  Null.  Nil.  Nichtig.  No one on the entire planet bothered to blog the bible today.  Except me.  But I can’t post that one here.

28-  Phil Long posted the question- Why Was Jesus born in Bethlehem?  (Alright, fine, he did it on the 23rd, but since we can’t have two days in a row where bloggers were utterly silent, I’ve added it to today’s calendar).

29- Jim Tabor posted one of a series on the top 10 most influential verses from the New Testament.  And it certainly is quite an important text.

30-  Rick Brannan posted a very interesting twitter summary of the Davila et al newly published volume on the Pseudepigrapha.  It’s worth a look- it’s quite clever.

31-  My friend Christian Brady lost his little boy on 31 December, 2012 (one year ago today as I finalize this Carnival).  On the last day of this year, he posted the sermon preached at Mack’s funeral.  It’s the final entry in the carnival and the last word of 2013.  In honor of Mack, and Chris and his family.  R.I.P. everlasting, young man.


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