How Mark Driscoll Has Harmed Christian Publishing

In an excellent essay examining the Driscoll plagiarism fiasco in Religion Dispatches, the author remarks quite wisely that…

… plagiarism is a very serious offense that in non-evangelical settings often results in loss of employment. Yes, in secular circles, author/speakers with star power like Fareed Zakaria can emerge from a plagiarism scandal with their gigs intact. However, even Zakaria was given a one month suspension from Time and CNN, while Mark appears to have emerged from this fracas with the full support of both MHC and his current publisher.  On the First Things blog, Carl Trueman recently wrote:  “the health of the Christian subcultures in our society depends to an important extent upon the freedom of the Christian press; and that in turn depends upon having plenty of public voices and different groups presenting their different perspectives without the threat of being silenced by those with power and money. I need voices that criticize me and so does everyone else who operates in the public Christian sphere.”  If Trueman is correct, this particular subculture appears to have a rather nasty flu.

It’s an important essay you’ll want to read.  Especially if you are a publisher.  Or a Christian.