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Logos is Going Big

500-book-mega-packThey’ve come up with a 500 volume collection they’re calling the 500 Book Mega Pack.  It’s on sale for 96% off during their Christmas sale – http://logos.com/Christmas.   It’s got tons of material, including our friend Zwingli and many, many lesser luminaries (but luminaries nonetheless).

But there’s a catch- it’s like the McRib- it’s only available for a limited time. They tell me

This product will cease to exist as an offer after December 31. It will no longer be a live offer on our website January 1, 2014.

In all seriousness, it has some amazing books included in it– here are a few I think especially noteworthy:

Adolf von Harnack Collection (22 vols.)
Gnomon of the New Testament (5 vols.)
The Major Works of Justin Martyr in Greek (3 vols.)
Friedrich Blass Greek Studies Collection (3 vols.)
Adolf Deissmann New Testament Studies Collection (2 vols.)
The Decades of Henry Bullinger (4 vols.)
James Hope Moulton Greek Studies Collection (5 vols.)

And a lot more. It’s certainly something worth looking into. Whilst thou canst.

They’ve also, in an unrelated matter, given you a bit of a Christmas treat with, I think, Cliff Kvidahl singing the tune in this ‘Merry Christmas’ video! (OK fine, I don’t know if that’s Cliff or not. It could be Rick Brannan).

Thank You, TVZ

For sending these:


I will give them a proper going over and send along my assessment in due course.  In the meantime- thank you, again.

The Week That Was

Behold…  (from last Friday through midnight last night).  And hey, Libya, step it up!

Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 32,483
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 4,101
Canada FlagCanada 3,536
Germany FlagGermany 1,610
Australia FlagAustralia 1,585
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 1,293
Israel FlagIsrael 992
Denmark FlagDenmark 972
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 699
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 609
Argentina FlagArgentina 469
Korea, Republic of FlagRepublic of Korea 409
Russian Federation FlagRussian Federation 382
Italy FlagItaly 377
Brazil FlagBrazil 370
France FlagFrance 322
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 299
Hong Kong FlagHong Kong 268
Belgium FlagBelgium 216
Finland FlagFinland 205
Ireland FlagIreland 196
Thailand FlagThailand 168
Japan FlagJapan 158
India FlagIndia 150
Philippines FlagPhilippines 129
Egypt FlagEgypt 129
Portugal FlagPortugal 122
Slovakia FlagSlovakia 102
Singapore FlagSingapore 88
Norway FlagNorway 83
Sweden FlagSweden 82
Spain FlagSpain 80
Mexico FlagMexico 70
Bermuda FlagBermuda 56
Austria FlagAustria 51
Hungary FlagHungary 49
Romania FlagRomania 49
Indonesia FlagIndonesia 47
Malaysia FlagMalaysia 45
Turkey FlagTurkey 41
Greece FlagGreece 36
Poland FlagPoland 31
Iraq FlagIraq 30
Taiwan, Province of China FlagTaiwan 29
Czech Republic FlagCzech Republic 27
United Arab Emirates FlagUnited Arab Emirates 23
Croatia FlagCroatia 23
Ukraine FlagUkraine 22
Serbia FlagSerbia 21
Trinidad and Tobago FlagTrinidad and Tobago 21
Rwanda FlagRwanda 20
Colombia FlagColombia 20
Slovenia FlagSlovenia 19
Viet Nam FlagViet Nam 19
Nigeria FlagNigeria 18
Bulgaria FlagBulgaria 16
Costa Rica FlagCosta Rica 15
Georgia FlagGeorgia 13
Algeria FlagAlgeria 12
Saudi Arabia FlagSaudi Arabia 12
El Salvador FlagEl Salvador 11
Iceland FlagIceland 11
Ghana FlagGhana 11
Sri Lanka FlagSri Lanka 11
Chile FlagChile 11
Morocco FlagMorocco 11
Peru FlagPeru 10
Puerto Rico FlagPuerto Rico 10
Jamaica FlagJamaica 10
Kenya FlagKenya 9
Lebanon FlagLebanon 9
Ecuador FlagEcuador 8
Venezuela FlagVenezuela 8
Pakistan FlagPakistan 8
Estonia FlagEstonia 7
Bangladesh FlagBangladesh 7
Malta FlagMalta 7
Panama FlagPanama 6
Jordan FlagJordan 6
Faroe Islands FlagFaroe Islands 6
Bolivia FlagBolivia 6
Latvia FlagLatvia 6
Albania FlagAlbania 6
Kuwait FlagKuwait 6
Zimbabwe FlagZimbabwe 5
Honduras FlagHonduras 5
Bosnia and Herzegovina FlagBosnia and Herzegovina 5
Uganda FlagUganda 5
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of FlagMacedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic 5
Uruguay FlagUruguay 5
Tanzania, United Republic of FlagUnited Republic of Tanzania 5
Paraguay FlagParaguay 5
Guatemala FlagGuatemala 5
Nicaragua FlagNicaragua 4
Lithuania FlagLithuania 4
Bahamas FlagBahamas 4
Mozambique FlagMozambique 4
Palestinian Territory, Occupied FlagPalestinian Territory, Occupied 4
Cambodia FlagCambodia 4
Bahrain FlagBahrain 4
Dominican Republic FlagDominican Republic 4
Ethiopia FlagEthiopia 3
Malawi FlagMalawi 3
Aruba FlagAruba 3
Oman FlagOman 3
Isle of Man FlagIsle of Man 3
Barbados FlagBarbados 3
Papua New Guinea FlagPapua New Guinea 2
Moldova, Republic of FlagMoldova 2
Burundi FlagBurundi 2
Belarus FlagBelarus 2
Luxembourg FlagLuxembourg 2
Cameroon FlagCameroon 2
Saint Kitts and Nevis FlagSaint Kitts and Nevis 2
Namibia FlagNamibia 2
Cayman Islands FlagCayman Islands 2
Kazakhstan FlagKazakhstan 2
New Caledonia FlagNew Caledonia 1
Virgin Islands, British FlagBritish Virgin Islands 1
Anguilla FlagAnguilla 1
Tunisia FlagTunisia 1
Fiji FlagFiji 1
Libya FlagLibya 1
Montenegro FlagMontenegro 1
Guam FlagGuam 1
Swaziland FlagSwaziland 1
Cyprus FlagCyprus 1
American Samoa FlagAmerican Samoa 1
Turks and Caicos Islands FlagTurks and Caicos Islands 1
Nepal FlagNepal 1
Madagascar FlagMadagascar 1
Tajikistan FlagTajikistan 1
Virgin Islands, U.S. FlagVirgin Islands 1
Myanmar FlagMyanmar 1
Azerbaijan FlagAzerbaijan 1
Mongolia FlagMongolia 1
Mauritius FlagMauritius 1
Qatar FlagQatar 1
Armenia FlagArmenia 1
French Guiana FlagFrench Guiana 1
Guyana FlagGuyana 1
Mauritania FlagMauritania 1
Kyrgyzstan FlagKyrgyzstan 1
Haiti FlagHaiti 1

Quote of the Day

If man has no personal God, all the more surely he has one or more impersonal gods. — Emil Brunner

Post-Doc Research Appointment at the INTTR

Via SBL in the email thing-

The American Bible Society and the German Bible Society are awarding a post-doc research assistant at the Institute for New Testament Textual Research in Münster, Germany. The fellowship covers a period of 36 months, a fixed three-year appointment, beginning 1 July 2014. For fellowship details and applications instructions, please click here or visit the AAR-SBL Employment Services (http://www.aarsbl.org/).

Today With Zwingli

It was on 20 December, 1524 that Zwingli urged the  Zurich Council to move forward reforming in his brief Vortrag vor dem Rat betreffend die Gerichtsbarkeiten des Stifts. In three declarations-

Das wir für das erst geneigt und guotwillig sind, söliche ünsere hoche und nidere gericht zuo üweren handen stellen und übergeben, wie dann üns uwer ersam wysheit hierinn am aller fuoglichisten wol weißt zuo berichten, damitt es formklich ouch ünseren biderben lüten unnachteilich und unklagbar beschehe. Und wiewol diser handel vormals ouch uf der ban gewesen, ist er doch all weg guoter meinung hinder sich gestellt.

Zuom anderen, das es ouch one nachteil zinsen, zehenden, rendten und gülten des stiffts beschehe. Da uwer ersam wysheit wol mag ermessen, das, sidmal wir die letsten sind, sölich vorbehalten nit us eignem nütz komme, sunder us sorg, das by dem Grossen Münster das belybe, damitt man die bestimpten notturfften der ler und anderer dingen halb versehen moge. Wir setzend ouch sölicher übergebnus widerlegung zu üwer bescheidenheit und guete.

Zuom dritten empfelhend wir üns all mitt allem, das ünser stifft hat, üwer trüw und früntschafft, die wir bishar by üch all weg funden habend, und erbietend uns als die ghorsamen und willigen in allen gebürlichen dingen. Wellend ouch zuo üweren diensten all zit guotwillig und bereit sin.

Ohhh… Looks Like I Made Someone Angry…

Shocking, I know…


The Westboro (NOT) Baptist (NOT) Church Chipmunks

Via Lutheran Satire-

Augustine of Hippo and Martin Luther on Original Sin and Justification of the Sinner

Vandenhoeck and Ruprecht have just published the latest number in the Refo500 Academic Series (available in North America from ISD)

978-3-525-55063-2The book is divided into two parts. The first part deals with the development of Augustine’s theology of Original Sin and Justification. Here the emphasis is placed on the defining moments of this development process. These moments are the second half of 390s (period during which the Church Father wrote two of his key-works: De diversis quaestionibus a Simplicianum (396/397) and Confessiones (397-400)) and the last twelve years of his literary career, with emphasis on the works he produced in the heat of the long and bitter confrontation with Julian of Aeclanum.

In the second part Pereira deals with Luther’s doctrines of Original Sin and Justification of the sinner. The main source of analysis is Luther’s Lectures on Romans (1515/1516). There is an intrinsic relation between the two parts of the work. The author demonstrates how Augustine came to break with the patristic soteriology and anthropological theology and adopted the radicalism of grace with which he faced the theologians associated with the fifth-century Pelagianism, especially Julian of Aeclanum. In the second part, Pereira argues that it was precisely that radicalism of grace that made of Augustine Luther’s favourite theologian. The same radicalism of grace was adopted by Luther in his opposition to the recentiores doctores, the Nominalist theologians, especially Gabriel Biel.

Without overlooking the crucial role played by the Pauline corpus, one can accurately say that
Augustine’s anti-Pelagian thesis were at the core of the young Luther’s soteriological and
anthropological claims (essential to understand what the Lutheran “insurgency” was all about) and
were the driving force behind Luther’s cry for reformation, at least as far as the doctrine of salvation
was concerned.

When it comes to the doctrine of salvation, Augustine found in Luther a prominent reader and a faithful follower. To understand this fact, it would suffice a careful analysis of Luther’s doctrine of justification by faith alone since it contains a strong and genuine Augustinian tonality.

Dear Atheists…

The Dumb as a Doorknocker Atheist War on Jesus –  It’s a very fine essay by a non believer – R. Joseph Hoffmann. He writes

It’s a shame that when they chose their targets atheists decided to pick on Christianity as the epitome of what’s wrong with religion. In particular, their singling out of nativity scenes and their use of Christmas exuberance as an affront to their sensitivities is so singularly stupid that I sometimes wonder who runs their PR campaigns.