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‘The Victim Was In The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time’

Every time we endure a mindless massacre some reporter or some witness will invariably say ‘the victim was just in the wrong place at the wrong time’. This is utterly false. The only person in the wrong place is the murderer and there is no time right time for such persons to ply their vile trade.

Still Another Quote of the Day

Theology is an assault on the sin-distorted intellect; it is the obedience of faith penetrating the realm of thought. — Emil Brunner (source as previous).

Attempts Contra-Minimalism: Parts One and Two

Lawrence Mykytiuk has written two essays:

Strengthening Biblical Historicity vis-a-vis Minimalism, 1992-2008 [and Beyond], Part 1: Introducing a Bibliographic Essay in Five Parts” Journal of Religious and Theological Information 9/3-4 (November 2010): 1-13.


And then Strengthening Biblical Historicity vis-à-vis Minimalism, 1992-2008 and Beyond, Part 2.2: The Literature of Perspective, Critique, and Methodology, Second Half.

I’ll leave it to you to decide if he persuades you.

This Is Why the Church Fathers Annoy Me So (Except for Jerome- God Bless Him)


It’s almost as if he had never bothered to read Romans 1:18.

Fourth Quote of the Day

“‘For example’ is not the same as ‘proof.'” ~ Yiddish Proverb

Third Quote of the Day

047067055XPhilosophy, which fundamentally wishes to call everything into question, because it is only by doing so that it can be a basic discipline, dares not call into question one point, one certainty – namely, reason itself. It argues that reason is the only drilling tool with which we can work, and that we cannot drill into this tool itself. We cannot use reason to call reason into question. – Emil Brunner (in Alister McGrath’s utterly astonishing new book).

Bible Secrets Revealed: Live Blogging the Next Segment on Wednesday, Dec 18

The title of this week’s segment is – Mysterious Prophecies airing December 18, 2013 – 10:00-11:02PM ET.

Biblical prophecies are said to be messages and warnings sent from God, but what do they really foretell? Can they be decoded and used to predict mankind’s future?

The use of the word ‘decoded’ leaves me a tad cold. Especially given the hint that they’ll also be referencing UFO’s.

Anyway, I’ll be live blogging it. Earlier episodes were liveblogged here, here, here, and here. Stay tuned.

Mit brennender Sorge: Michael Barber Too Is Adrift… The Bultmann v. Hengel Debate

With burning sorrow I report that Michael Barber too has been led astray by the Hengelians.  😦

I had such high hopes for Michael.  He seems so nice in person…  But I guess you never know a person until they tweet pictures of their favorite New Testament scholars…

Another lost soul…


Today With Calvin

calvin15In a letter to [Nicolaus Pareus on] December 14, 1540, he says,

“With regard to the call to Geneva, my soul is in such perplexity and darkness, that I scarcely dare venture to think what I ought to do in this matter. When I allow myself, as I often do, to think on the subject, I can find no outlet. Involved in these perplexities, I have reason to suspect myself, and leave it therefore to others to determine for me. In the meanwhile we would beseech the Lord God to show us the right way. Farewell, dear brother; greet our friends for me in the most loving manner.”*

Returning to Geneva was something Calvin didn’t wish to do. But if God willed it, he would go. Apparently, God willed it.

P. Henry, The Life and Times of John Calvin, the Great Reformer (Vol. 1, p. 252). Pareus was deacon of the French church at Strasburg, and Calvin’s substitute in his absence.

There Have Been 23 Mass Shootings in America Since Sandy Hook

If anyone in this country can be even remotely happy with that sickening statistic… well… they are the exemplifications of human depravity.

If anyone thinks that gun violence is cured by the presence of more guns, they also believe that cancer is cured by the presence of more cancer.

Do note the Texas cluster…


Second Quote of the Day

“A quarrel is like an itch; the more you scratch, the more it itches.” ~ Yiddish Proverb

Quote of the Day

047067055XBrunner believed that the emerging “dialectical theology” was iconoclastic, not constructive, and that it failed to recognize the moral and theological complexity of culture and religion. – Alister McGrath