Mike Bird’s Recent Surgery Has Affected Him In Horrible Ways

Apparently something went horribly amiss and a major artery to his brain was severed.  Look what he’s become:


Yeah, someone’s brain isn’t working properly.  At all.  His tweet was responded to thusly:


So, anyway, pray for Mike.  Pray for his soon recovery and the recovery of proper blood flow to his brain so he can overcome the horrific deficit presently crippling him.

One thought on “Mike Bird’s Recent Surgery Has Affected Him In Horrible Ways

  1. Paul Anderson 13 Dec 2013 at 11:04 am

    Well, I studied with Professors Betz and Hengel in Tuebingen the summer of 1987, writing papers on Bultmann’s treatment of John 6, which I call “the Grand Central Station of Johannine critical issues” (four supposed sources, dislocation/rearrangement issues, comparisons-contrasts with Synoptics, theological tensions–semeiology, Christology, sacramentology, eschatology, free-will/determinism–historicity, composition, and narrative issues); the experience was amazing! I think we need to read both Hengel and Bultmann, even though I disagree with both of their Johannine-composition theories, and my own paradigm is closer to Hengel’s than Bultmann’s. So, both are of value, but in different ways; Bultmann shows amazing theological and linguistic acuity that one can learn from, even if his composition approach is not accepted; Hengel shows a rigorous analysis of second-century tradition which corroborates something closer to a traditional view, although he overlooks some evidence that could expand possibilities within his own paradigm.


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