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It’s Delightful

A very talented friend has framed my sheet from Codex Sinaiticus and given it to me as a gift.  I’ll hand it in an illustrious locale in the morning.

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News Concerning the History Channel’s ‘Bible Secrets Revealed’

Nicely twitterized:

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Brilliant News from ASOR: Chris Rollston and Eric Cline the New Co-Editors of BASOR

This is really excellent news: ASOR is pleased to welcome Eric Cline and Christopher Rollston as the new co-editors of the Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research. Dr. Cline and Dr. Rollston will begin their editorship on July 1, … Continue reading

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‘But It’s Inerrant in the Autographs’…

I’m convinced that people who appeal to the ‘original autographs’ have no idea at all of the complicated history of the biblical text.    For instance- Der Text 36:8–39:23 von Exod weicht in Umfang und Anordnung stark von M ab. … Continue reading

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Where in the World is Joel Watts Now?

The wretched sinner is at WalMart, buying, get this…. beer!  Here’s the photographic evidence.  And the camera doesn’t lie, does it Joel!  Repent!!!!!  (And for the love of all that’s holy, get a new shirt!)

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A Two Volume Commentary From Fortress Press- Coming Fall, 2014

So, according to the website, it will be available for attendees at SBL 2014 in San Diego (the place where Chris Tilling and I first roomed together at an SBL – it holds special memories for us… oh wait, that … Continue reading

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The Most Detailed and Careful Review I’ve Read Since James Barr Died

Aren Maeir has written what can only be classified as a thorough, honest, forthright, exceptionally balanced, extremely helpful and brilliantly worded review of Avi Faust’s latest tome. Two words: wow.  Wow!  You owe it to yourself to read it for … Continue reading

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Dear Martin, Is There Anything You Wouldn’t Discuss?

It seems not… Master Forstemius said that a certain brother named Lawrence, a Waldensian minister, had had himself castrated in his youth and confessed that in his old age he regretted it, for he burned more with desire then than … Continue reading

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To Quote a Line from Calvin…

… he gains no more than to make his obstinacy and arrogance detestable to all men of sense and moderation.* ______________ * J.K.S. Reid, Calvin: Theological Treatises (p. 322).

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John Piper is a Bit of an Arrogant Thing Isn’t He

to which one can only respond I suppose that in the world of the ‘celebrity’ pastor, if one isn’t a member of the circle of unjustifiably infamous one is easily demarcated a ‘plebian’.  And the sorriest aspect of all this … Continue reading

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Tweet of the Day

Now THERE’S a job I’d LOVE to have!

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Textual Criticism from Lexham

Whilst updating Logos last evening I noticed (after receiving an email from them about it) that a new volume had been added to the collection: It’s really quite nicely done.  Plenty of illustrative materials and helpful guidance for those just … Continue reading

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Barbara Schenck Remembers Karl Barth

It’s a very fine essay indeed by the learned and goodly Barbara Schenck for Reformiert.info– Immer noch Karl Barth? überschreibt Michael Weinrich das einleitende Kapitel zu seinem neuen Barth-Buch. Aus der Frage wird beim Lesen schnell ein Ausruf, aber in … Continue reading

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Ja oder Nein… Yes or No? Baker, What About Reissuing the ‘Post Reformation Reformed Dogmatics’?

A simple yes or no will do, dear friends at Baker Academic.  A simple yes or no to the request that you reissue Muller’s so very important Post Reformation Reformed Dogmatics. Sure, Logos has it.  And sure, people who use … Continue reading

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