Total Depravity: The Newlyweds Who Partied After They Murdered

Police in Sunbury, Pennsylvania arrested a pair of newlyweds who used Craigslist to lure a man to his death “because they wanted to kill someone together.” Elytte Barbour told the officers who arrested him that he and his new wife, Miranda, had planned on killing someone before they were married, but that their plans never worked out until the victim, Troy LaFerrara, responded to an ad for “companionship” they placed last month. According to Elytte Barbour, 22, his 18-year-old wife Miranda regularly hired herself out as a “companion” for men. “She is not a prostitute,” he told the Daily Item of Sunburg. “What she does is meet men who have broken marriages or have no one in their lives, and she meets with them and has delightful conversation.”

Hell, open wide, these two will be welcomed home to your maw in due course. And people, don’t use Craigslist. These are the sorts of monsters waiting behind the door for you.  When you go to that stranger’s house he or she may well be luring you to your death.  Don’t. Go.

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