Richard Bartholomew’s Take on the Mark Driscoll Plagiarism Affair

Richard summarizes things as they presently stand and then adds a couple of points that are new to me:

However, this [i.e., Tyndale Publishing House] is not the only source of pressure on Mefferd: some of Driscoll’s previous books are published by Crossway, and Wartburg Watch observes that Crossway’s VP of Editorial Justin Taylor took to Twitter to warn that “I wouldn’t recommend authors go on @JanetMefferd’s show after she pulled this during an interview with @PastorMark”. What is this, if not the “machine” of which Schlueter writes?

Indeed.   Taylor’s remarks are appropriate only for a person who is clearly trying to silence any opposition to Driscoll’s plagiarisms.  They are, in fact, nothing but a thinly veiled threat.  Taylor might as well come out and honestly say as he implies, ‘… if you go on Mefferd’s show, we won’t publish your stuff’.  Taylor is a part of the strong-arming mafiosa mentality which Mefferd evidently heeded.  Then Richard writes

Pastor Driscoll has always struck me as a controlling and somewhat sinister figure, so I’m not surprised that he appears to believe that he can use other people’s work unattributed and not expect to be challenged for it.

Indeed.  And that, further, he can get silenced anyone who does.  In Mefferd’s case it has worked.  And that’s a shame.  This whole sorry affair, kicked off by Driscoll’s self evident falsehoods and theft of intellectual property is a black eye on authentic Evangelicalism. Those responsible, including publishers calling themselves Evangelically oriented, really ought to be ashamed of themselves.  But they aren’t.  They’ve money to earn, privileges to protect, and wagons to circle.

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