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I Thank God For Publishers Who Act In Honesty

There are publishers who will publish anything so long as they think it will make them a dollar.  They will foist upon the world the most inane rubbish and the most blatant plagiarisms without care or concern simply because the … Continue reading

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Richard Bartholomew’s Take on the Mark Driscoll Plagiarism Affair

Richard summarizes things as they presently stand and then adds a couple of points that are new to me: However, this [i.e., Tyndale Publishing House] is not the only source of pressure on Mefferd: some of Driscoll’s previous books are published by … Continue reading

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Lifeway’s VBS Material Fail

#Lifeway has been producing rubbish VBS stuff for a good while now.  This year’s, though, is the worst.  The theme… the lesson suggestions…. the material requirements…  a circus of absurdity.   #TimeToFindSomethingElseToUse

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Quote of the Day

Tom Wright and Richard Dawkins have something in common. They seem to always talk about America & Americans in a negative light. 😦      – Sam Hailes [They have more than their disdain of America in common, Sam]

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Total Depravity: The Newlyweds Who Partied After They Murdered

Police in Sunbury, Pennsylvania arrested a pair of newlyweds who used Craigslist to lure a man to his death “because they wanted to kill someone together.” Elytte Barbour told the officers who arrested him that he and his new wife, … Continue reading

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Does the Vatican Have a Cache of Vessels from the Second Temple?

Interesting question, isn’t it…  And it’s raised in an essay to which Larry Schiffman refers– so it’s worth reading. Recently, a rabbi wrote a letter to the Vatican asking about the presence of the Temple vessels in its vaults. The … Continue reading

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On the Wonderful Nature of Worship

Does he not teach us that the true worship of God is of all things the pleasantest to Him? [John 4:23]: “The true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth.” Does He not teach us truly that … Continue reading

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